Taking back ground…

August 2017 it finally came to a head: I needed to take charge of my family’s health. I knew we needed a total reset. We were still “young” yet our health was rapidly declining to a point which was debilitating, specifically for my husband. 

I’ve actually known I needed to do this for years, but honestly, it felt so overwhelming. Where do we begin? I didn’t totally know the answer this time but I knew it needed to happen. So I began to research and soak in wisdom from those around me living out healthy lives.

I learned of an app called Think Dirty (which I’m not hearing rumors they’ve been bought out by P+G… for now just go with the EWG.ORG or the EWG app) and began to scan everything in our home- even those labeled “green” or “natural”. I. was. shocked. Things I had been putting on my babies from birth, things I bathed them in, brushed their teeth with, things I washed my face with, or Ted sprayed on every day. All with chemicals which impact our bodies in horrific ways… endocrine disruptors, skin conditions, allergies, even diseases, infertility and even cancer.

Watching those I love face horrible health issues has inspired me to wake up in EVERY area in my life. It inspired me to began to question everything that we had allowed into our home, and onto and into our bodies. Was this condition we/I was living with my genes or a direct byproduct of the chemicals I’ve put on and in my body for 30 years?

But I knew we couldn’t just throw it all out and start over. We had a super tight budget which wouldn’t allow us to do this. So when we would run out of something, we would replace it with a toxin-free version. We now have replaced almost everything toxic in our home.


It isn’t cheaper but I’ve begun to see our wellness is an investment and perhaps an expensive phone bill or a faster internet speed or that amazing cup of craft coffee (or Starbucks) can be sacrificed to pursue wellness. We adjusted our lives to fit our values.

(pictured: Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit – 11 oils, a diffuser, and more)

In pursuing a toxin-free life I knew I wanted essential oils for all the things: sleep support, hormonal help, emotional support, wellness, fighting against seasonal irritants, etc. We’ve actually used oils off and on for 4 years but most often we were unable to afford them regularly. I didn’t make it a priority. But now I KNEW that we needed them every day. It wasn’t an option anymore if we were pursuing wellness. I also knew we couldn’t really afford them – my husband had just lost his job due to a newly diagnosed Panic Disorder. It felt like there was just no way.

Yet, I felt strongly that God would provide for us through me via a creative means, but I had no idea what that would look like. About the same time of all of this, a friend gifted me with the oil Valor and I watched again and again as it helped my husband. Then my sweet mom gifted me with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit. Soon after this, a friend suggested I start just sharing ways that I use oils and how they help our family and watch as it would cover the cost of my monthly oils order. Since October, my oils have been totally paid for plus now a couple of bills as well. (I’m still in awe of my “accidental business” blessing our family financially and health-wise).

(my “why” I won’t give up pursuing toxin-free living)

Here’s the thing: DON’T read all of this and feel defeated by what you’ve used over the years. I HAVE TOO. Let this inspire you! You have more control over this than you think you do. WE are the ones who decide what comes into our homes from here on out. Is there ground you can take back health wise?

I encourage you to do your own research. Read labels of what’s already in your cabinets. Start replacing things as slowly or as quickly as you can.

Get oils into your home. Oils have drastically changed our lives for the better. One example, I personally have struggled with respiratory issues since I was a child and oils have helped to support me as I fight this maybe for the rest of my life – but without all negative effects of things I have tried for years. I have finally found freedom in this area and I want everyone to experience their own freedom with whatever is holding them back from living their best life. (P.S. Being pro-oils doesn’t mean anti-modern medicine or anti-doctors – I’ll share a post on that sometime soon).

I’ve been doing on a journey the past 7 months for our own family and have also watched many other families join me, and take charge of their health and turn it around. I am now super passionate about getting this goodness into everyone’s home, helping everyone find the freedom we have and get the chemical laden stuff out. You’re worth it. Please reach out and I’ll help you, too, get started on this journey.


I  have a great offer for you too, to lighten the cost for you. If you order a starter kit with me, I will give you $25 back and also will help you along the way. We also have an amazing oil education facebook group, truly it is like an incredible community of folks in all walks of life pursuing wellness too – you don’t have to do this alone. (Young Living also offers a payment plan via paypal $27/mo for 6 months with no interest – Message me for how to do this!)


Reach out and let me know via the contact tab if you’d like me to get you started, I’ll friend ya on facebook, celebrate with you and get this ball rolling! LET’S DO THIS!



P.S. Find me on Instagram @colourherhopeessentials…


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