Oh, Ever. To be honest, I struggled battling with these preconceived ideas of what it would be like to have a daughter versus who she is. Which sounds horrible I know (You don’t think you have ideas of what if looks like to be a mom, have a daughter or son, but you do). she has been our most difficult, most brave, boldest, (embarrassingly/hilariously) honest child thus far. I never imagined that and I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t trade any of who she is for anything I ever imagined. look at that face (below) She is spirited, so full of life. She’s incredibly confident and bold in who she is. While she’s brave and isn’t afraid of dirt, scratches or bugs (though she’ll smash the heck out of spiders 🙌🏼) she’s also almost always in a dress and usually a pink, sparkly one at that.

This girl. I wanna be Everly Selah when I grow up – man, if I just had an OUNCE of her confidence…

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