DIY Diffuser Bracelet

Heyyyyy there!! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done a DIY on here. It’s funny to think back to when this was mostly DIY blog. Feels like a lifetime ago. But I’m aching to have this creative outlet again. So here we are!So let’s make some (suuuuper easy) awesome bracelets. First, what’s the heck is a diffuser bracelet? It’s a bracelet that diffuses an essential oil (of your choice). How? The lava stone absorbs the oil and you benefit from aromatherapy throughout your day!Supplies:

Beads, lava stones  (diffuser bead), Stretch Magic (or other jewelry making stretch cord), Young Living Essential Oil of your choice (need some? I can get you some, message me!), spacer beads (optional), and scissors.The DIY: 

Measure cord around your wrist, cut and tie two knots on one end.

Add beads, and I also added little spacer reads (optional) because we had some here at home and I like the look. Tie a few finishing knots.

 Add Young Living Essential Oils*  – you could either add a drop directly to the lava stone (on 2-3 beads is plenty!) or use a cotton swab or a Q-tip to avoid oils from dripping off beads. *Be sure to dilute oils if needed (you can use a carrier oil such as fractioned coconut oil).

Chase put Valor and Stress Away on his. He struggles when he’s in a large group of people, so on school days especially he wears this and smell Valor whenever he needs too. Shailo wanted Valor on his as well :) I also added Stress Away to maaaaybe help him calm down just a tad. 

Everly and mommas <3 

I added Stress Away to mine and LOVE it. But you can add whatever one you’d like!

So simple right? I was worried about them breaking into a million pieces with them being so stretchy and such, but they haven’t yet and my kids each wear one to school so… enough said! ❤️

Happy FRIYAY (as the cool kids say)!

Also, speaking of DIFFUSERS… Young Living has an awesome deal that ends today. Check it out:

Find me @colourherhopeessentials for more details and great ideas!

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