A couple of years ago l realized just how insanely busy our lives were and how fast time was flying by yet we weren't really able to enjoy it because, well, here comes the next thing. It was never intentional and I guess I felt like it was inline with what we were "supposed" to do as parents: school, sports, extra curricular stuff, all the church things, … but for us it felt like we were just managing a constant state of busy.

I feel like how we have lived and also, I unfortunately haven't been graceful in grief stuff. It is messy, and man, we've put the kids through a lot. We unintentionally urged our kids, Chase especially, to grow up a lot faster than they should have.

Anyway, we can't wallow or sulk or wish those days/moments back but we can change the future and what it looks like.

This year I felt we needed to been more intentional with our time. So I determined to slow it down for all of them. For us, a part of this looks a lot like just letting them be kids. WILD + FREE.
And that doesn't mean unruly, or disrespectful, it simply means allowing them to be free to BE children: to dream, explore, believe the biggest dreams, and play, play, play.

To soak in the wonder and "magic" of childhood. To do things they long to do. Most of them are simple things like nature walks, making up new games, building forts and getting muddy. Having time to listen to or reading chapter books, etc.

And to be honest, 8 months in and I don't feel like we've missed out on much while we have let go of a lot.

I'm learning along the way, letting them just be little – while they're little – is truly enough.

Because we all know how quickly it passes us by, right? What's a favourite childhood memory you have? Is there anything on your plate currently that you can let go to bring more peace to you/yours?

(Shailo peeled and cut cucumber for our snack)

Each person and family is wired oh-so-differently. Maybe busy is where it's at for you, or maybe like us you feel "less is more". Maybe it's to be taken season by season. Maybe you don't get an option sometimes – I feel like that currently when it comes to other areas in our life – sometimes life is just a B-word. BUSY. (There is another word that seems fitting here right now too but I try to keep my blog PG 😉).

Whatever "it" looks like for you, find your thing that brings you peace and never let that go.

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