Meet Atlas

Meet our littlest man, our “bookend boy”, Atlas! As you can see I think he photo above, he arrived nearly 3 weeks ago now! We are all smitten! 

He shocked us all by having a head full of A. HAIR. And B. DARK HAIR (like momma!!) I’m still obviously freaking out over this. 

We had many feelings and words for this sweet boy and I thought I’d share a few main ones!He is/will be a boy/man who:

– is filled with awe and wonder for life. “He who carries/captures wonder.” I also saw this quote right before he was born that I really loved too “Be filled with with wonder, be touched by peace.” -a boy/man of strength and quiet confidence.-defender of the weak and broken. – like King David, a man after God’s own heart. The youngest brother but a great leader. 

Our little Wonder-boy has captured our hearts greatly in his few weeks with us. He’s the sweetest and quietest baby! Sleeps and eats like a champ, too. He caught his first cold by weeks 2 because, well he had a sick welcoming committee when we arrived home. But now he (and everyone) is doing great! 

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