Spring Puddle Fun.

Yesterday it snowed, and today the warmth of the close Colorado sun melted it away. You can imagine the puddles! My kids were overjoyed to to get outside.  Heckman-16.jpgI peeked out my window, while cleaning the kitchen, to spot Shailo jumping in the largest puddle. I decided to put aside my cleaning and pick up my Canon. Heckman-5Heckman-6Everly and Chase made their way to the largest puddle and soon joined in with our Wild and Free Shai. Heckman-7Heckman-17Heckman-9I’d count to 3 and they’d jump. The giggles were amazing, the mess even greater ;) I only regret that I didn’t snap photos of their faces! What was I thinking? haha. Heckman-12Heckman-13Heckman-18Well, I guess I did get one. But this was when Everly had reached her breaking point…

Heckman-15… when brothers jumped and splashed her and she wasn’t ready.Heckman-14

I swooped her up and off we went to dry of the little wildflower of the house ;) I love all of these moments, and capturing these moments today was fun. I finally have my cameras back, and can’t wait to capture more!

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