Wild Explorers (Club)

We’re now a month into what’s called the Wild Explorers Club, and let me tell you, it has been a blast. We heard about it when introduced to the Wild and Free Children, which is equally amazing! Unfortunately, I can’t find any groups locally. But that didn’t discourage us, we decided to do it on our own (if you’d ever want to join us, let me know!)

HeckmanThis ‘program’ has truly helped nurture and guide my naturally adventurous crew. They are currently a wolf – and are making their way up to be a bald eagle. (It is a 24 month program with 10 levels. Click the link above for more details.) Each animal (level) they complete, they can get a embroidered patch of that animal! Heckman-14

Each new week they are given an assignment, which they anxiously await to hear. To share an example, the week we snapped these photos, their assignment was to simply find a hiking stick which they can take with us every time we venture out.


We already have quite a few at home, but we went out in search of the ‘best’ and they each found one.Heckman-25

Well, Everly found two :)Heckman-17We then tore off the bark, making it bare. (we later used a pocket knife to finish it) Heckman-26

They then tested their hiking sticks, using it to help cross treacherous waters ;) Heckman-20

It has, so far, been very doable for our lifestyle and schedules. Heckman-9Heckman-10We pick the day(s) we go out and explore. It’s rarely the same day each week, and since we homeschool and make most of our own schedule, it has truly been easy to find time for. Heckman-7And now, Lewie comes along, if the trial allows. Heckman-5

You should check out this program if you have little or bigs who enjoy nature and exploring! Shailo and Everly even join in though it’s mostly for Chase’s age and older. Heckman-4

Me and my girl. Faces of concentration ;) I’m usually behind the lens, so it was special to have Ted (who was visiting from Alaska) capture this one and a few from above.

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