Our Little Wildflower 

This sweet little lady turned 2 this February. TWO?! That happened so fast. Everly is full of beauty and joy, she’s both sweet and sassy, our little wildflower. What better way to celebrate our little wildflower than a wildflower birthday party!img_2577  I was inspired by beautiful artwork by  Katie Daisy.      
(Plates and floral banner I found on Amazon.)   I used a lot of what I already had to decorate for her party, some of what I used last year and mostly all from her bedroom (decor). The Doe art was made by a girl from our Denver church – (let me know if you’d want something for yourself and in can write her.)
Bouquets of real and fake flowers – (fake flowers from the dollar store).

I bought little vials (24pk) on Amazon for under $7 and put wildflower seeds inside as a party favor !

  The Sweetest!  I painted a cheap frame teal and added something I drew for our Evey.  

  I loved this quote “in a field of roses she a wildflower” and made this as well. The floral ‘E’ you see is a cheap version of something I saw on Pinterest. I bought a paper mache ‘E’ from hobby lobby and flowers from the dollar store. I popped the flowers off the stems, and then cut off the top of the E and hot glued the flowers in. That simple. No need for floral foam! (Plus it’s expensive!)Katie Daisy’s book How To Be a Wildflower was a good conversation piece, truly inspirational and beautiful! (Check it out or buy it!)


#EverandPoe Besties from birth. img_3952Ever and her little buddies, Leili, Poesy, and baby Simeon. She kept reacting to Simeon’s squirming like “Guys, is he supposed to be doing this?!” img_3949  Happy birthday to our sweet little (freckle nosed) wildflower!

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