Natural Dyed Eggs 

 This year we decided to dye Easter eggs naturally. So I thought I’d share our experience for those who would like to try but maybe, like myself in years past, feel intimidated by the idea! 

I didn’t take photos of the process because honestly I didn’t plan to blog this – but I documented the kids dying the eggs.  What helped me was finding a few posts on Pinterest and I ran with some of those. 

  I used 1 beet, 1 cup of blueberries, one yellow onion, 1 large carrot. (I want able to find red cabbage – which is supposed to make a beautiful torquiose. I’m anxious to try that and more next year!)

I boiled each separately for 10-15 min with a tsp of salt. Then strained them and saved the juice. I then added on TBSP of white vinegar to each juice. 

 I poured the food dyes into cups once it cooled down. And we began!     

I think the colours are stunning! I was worried my kids might not think so, because they weren’t as vibrant as years past – but they loved them too!   We placed two eggs in at a time and left them for 1-2 hours (the darkest dyed eggs we left in for 3 hours while we ventured out). 

  The boys called the darkest blue egg our galaxy egg. 

  Pink/red eggs: The pink and red eggs were dyed with beets! Just one beet, chopped and put into 2 cups of boiling water.  

BLUE/purple: The blue eggs were from the blueberries. No chopping needed. Just boil in 2 cups of water for 10-15 min then strain. Don’t forget to add a tbsp of white vinegar to it too!   
 YELLOW: The yellow was from the yellow onion SKINS. I only had one yellow onion and not that much skin, and was super skeptical that it would dye the eggs at all and yet look!   
  (Above with Shailo and Ever is the only photo in which I used a filter – the rest are true to the colour so you could see what they’d look like.)  

We had a fun little family Easter egg hunt where Everly hide most of the eggs here (above) for us to find during her turn to be the “hider”. 😄 

Hope you enjoyed this post and try it out yourself! It’s so fun, and truly isn’t as time consuming as I’d imagined. Well worth it. 

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