Last Day of LHC.

Today was Chase’s last day of school at his current school. ChaseLastDayLHCThis boy has grown so much as a student at the Lighthouse Homeschool Co-op we have been a part of for a year and a half. He learned to read and spell and how to tell time (and more) in that short time. Beyond academics, I watched him grow in confidence as he learned more about who God created him to be and what he was capable of. The cautious and quiet Chaseboy that entered LHC is now slightly cautious and very confident in who he is. And I LOVE that.  ChaseLastDayLHC-5ChaseLastDayLHC-4He was/is well loved in his class. The students and, especially Miss Isabel, truly love him and show him on a daily basis: he is ADORED and oh so loved. ChaseLastDayLHC-3

Today I photographed behind tears as I watched and heard the precious love and prayers pour out the mouths of 6 and 7-year-old kids. ChaseLastDayLHC-9

ChaseLastDayLHC-10Chase has no enemies, everyone he meets instantly becomes his friend. He surrounds them with love, laughter and encouragement.

ChaseLastDayLHC-7Today his teacher and friends surprised him with a “going away” party, showering him with encouragement, cards and even cupcakes. ChaseLastDayLHC-8

Why are we moving on? Why halfway through a school year? I have struggled with both of these questions (and many more) since we’ve decided to pull him out. I’ve gone back and forth but have always fallen back onto the peace we feel in the next decision.

12484759_10153368654901989_248275317612735671_o(Katie Daisy posted this beautiful art and quote on her IG account last week and I found the words oh so fitting)

We will be homeschooling our kiddos, at least for the rest of this school year (possibly in years to come, we shall see). We are also moving to Alaska sometime in 2016 and we need the flexibility. But more than any of those things, Ted is moving to Alaska sooner than us (next Wednesday the 20th, in fact) and also I have realized I’ve poured out so much time and energy into Chase’s education (I was the head teacher for math, science and bible history in his first grade class), and so little into Shailo’s. By the time Chase was 4 he knew how to spell his name and I know that Shailo only knows one letter of his name. I realized that over Christmas break.

It might seem like such a dramatic change for such a seemingly small thing in life, but I truly felt that it was time to try and homeschool. In my time at LHC and especially this last fall, having to plan and teach 9 kiddos, 3 different subjects, I realized that I am capable of homeschooling now.

Before this fall it was such a daunting and terrifying thought. Now I still feel nervous, don’t get me wrong, but I also feel peace.

I’ve watched a few friends from afar homeschool their littles in a Wild and Free way and have felt so inspired. This Christmas break was the little push I needed to jump into the world of homeschooling.

So once Ted leaves, we too embark on a new journey! Pray for us :)

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