Kid’s First Furry Pet (Saying Goodbye)

In April, we welcomed our first furry pets to the family. Bunnies, Elsa and Anna, named by Frozen-lover Chase.BunniesBlogCollage_2We visited a local pet store nearby “just for fun” and then fell in love with these two 8 week old bunnies. Learned they were sisters so we couldn’t take just ONE of course. ;) We waited a whole day/night before deciding (HA!) and surprised the boys with bunny pancakes to share the news: They’d get their first fur pets! I couldn’t quite commit to a puppy/dog yet. I just didn’t feel ready to add that to our chaotic life, so we thought Elsa and Anna would be a perfect beginning to teach our boys pet responsibility. Cleaning the cage, feeding them twice daily, making sure they have water, getting them outside, etc. BunniesBlogCollage_3Momma and Ever squeezed loved them too.
BunniesBlogCollage_1Smitten.BunniesBlogCollage_4I put together a cheap little “rabbit run”. They have now grown 3x the size they were haha, so we are in the process of making a hutch with recycled materials.


  The bunny Anna puts his nose against Chase’s and sits still. It seems so silly but we love these bunnies like they are puppies :)


I wrote this before we had to make the heartbreaking decision to send the rabbits to Humane Society.  To make a long (and disturbing) story short… they weren’t sisters. They were actually a boy and girl. We woke to baby bunnies last Monday, all of which died before noon the same day. Terribly disturbing  situation and THANK THE LORD we somehow managed to hide everything from the boys. THEY HAVE NO IDEA (so please do not ask them about the babies)!

  We had originally planned on this large outdoor/indoor hutch for the “girls” but once we knew one was a boy, we separated them (into cages) and honestly do not have the room to house them separately. I don’t have the heart to craigslist or sell them back to the pet store which was LESS than ideal for a living situation. So after research I found our humane society will take them (we pay them) and give them to a good home. They do a lot of research and even meet with us to talk about the pets and what they like/don’t like.

We’ve shared with the boys that one is a girl and one is a boy which means they could have babies and we wouldn’t be able to take care of them. (I never would have thought that, but let’s just say the animal kingdom SUCKS sometimes… not a fan.) Tonight Chase pieced things together a bit and said “But mom, if they are boy and girl, they are sister and brother! So they can’t get married and have babies!” That was a tough one. Ted took over haha and shared that bunnies do not think like humans haha…. oh dear. 99345741-BC5E-4202-8A67-B73612560939

 Anyways, tomorrow we say goodbye! I’m so sad to put my kiddos through this. I know it’s a part of life but it is going to be so difficult. Praying we can find a dog to fit our family SOONER than later so to ease the pain of this sudden loss for the boys. (The good news is these bunnies have taught our boys a TON about taking care of animals well!)



I know it’s just bunnies, but watching their hearts break is always difficult (for me) no matter the reason.

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