Davis Haven: Our Front Yard!

When we moved into our cute, little “Davis Haven”, I didn’t touch the yard (besides occasionally mowing). The previous owners had seven large dogs. I kid you not. And the yard was living proof. Oh and also, *ahem*, dead proof too. But that’s another story, which I do not want to retell. Ha!

I wish I had taken better ‘before’ pictures. I literally cursed pulled, ripped up and bagged TWENTY-FIVE bags of weeds, old gnarly plants and leaves that hadn’t been racked up. Even our sweet, elderly neighbors noticed the many trash bags and offered their trash can each week until our pile was gone. OH DEAR. We are THAT family on the block :)

Nah, they were all so incredibly gracious to us during the process of making our home beautiful on the outside too. I think they were just thankful that this year we decided to do something with our yard (opposed to last year when I just didn’t have the motivation to do ANYthing with the outside). All that to say, this past spring, I was so excited to get out and make the yard beautiful too. I worked SO hard on this yard, and even still work to keep up with the dang weeds! It has been an incredibly fun process for us all! I enjoyed waking up with a new dawn and the kiddos and I spending hours outside. Here are some pics I snapped along the way (with my crummy iPhone, so grace please ;))yardblog_1      Weeds are dang resilient and pop up even with a weed mat in place! The Irises pictured above and below were given to be from the “stash” my grandparents have at their home. Beautiful AND free, you can’t beat that!    yardblog_2While weeding the front initially, I noticed bricks lined the fence line. Since we do not have a dog currently, I just ripped them all up, washed them and saved them for the projects you see here! So I didn’t pay A PENNY for the bricks you see. (I also see bricks AND perennials on Craigslist for free if you’re ever looking!)
11329956_10152945026931989_294588017045292068_nThis area (above) was a bit difficult to decide what to do with. The grass was SO worn down from the previous owners. I began to notice we too walked on this area a lot – to access the yard and swing we’d placed under a tree. So instead of laying a few feet of sod, I kept the wood chip and brick theme, and used two pallet steps that were at our home when we moved in. Now I can kick back and watch my kiddos take care of the yard ;)   yardblog_3Above: You see more of the perrenials my grandparents and dad have given me from their abundant overflow! Shailo and Chase both have really taken ownership of this home and yard and it’s a joy to watch! I have been incredibly in awe of them and their desire to help me weed, water and take care of what God has given us!11705331_10153037556086989_5248507934992043440_n (1)The grass… we literally watered it almost daily and did nothing else. Our neighbors to our right have a company come weekly to spray their grass, which causes asthma for both Shailo and I. It’s just not worth it, so I decided let’s just water and see what happens and either we got lucky, or it just works!11222702_10153037558536989_3443748197825867322_nWe LOVE being in our front yard! 11267215_10153037560681989_688035163497810358_nAbove: This before and after is really more an ‘in between’ and an ‘after’ shot! I didn’t snap a shot of what this looked like before. I would love to paint the concrete a natural concrete look to hide the stains and then touch up the black railings. 11017733_10152945027881989_4844079783267964096_nIt was all worth the hard work and sweat. And I got a pretty sweet tan in the process too, so can’t complain, ;)

Next spring, THE BACK YARD. Oh dear Lord, hold me.

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