Chase’s Ninjago Birthday Party

Chase turned 6 this year! SIX. It’s just not possible! I think I’ll say this every single year. Yep, can’t help myself.

Chaseyboy LOVES ninjas… hence his Ninkago themed party (which he chose). Anyways, here are photos from his Ninjago birthday party along with party details if you are looking for some!  Ninjago_Collage3I bought large balloons at the Dollar Tree ($1 for 2 balloons – the heavier duty kind used for “punching”) and printed of Ninjago style eyes, then taped them on and hung them. I also found free printables on pinterest (just type in free printable ninjago) for cupcakes! I wrapped an existing picture frame with wrapping paper and then taped the same colour plates to it to create the Lego look.

I found a 2lb bag of lego candy on Amazon for $12. This bag has lasted me forever too!  It was used for each goody “thank you for coming” bag and also as treats for the party and I even had a cup filled for little treats here and there for my kiddos.

I had each kid bring a t-shirt of their favourite colour (I would suggest adult size small-medium) and we used them to create “ninja masks”. 
Ninjago_Collage1The kids did an ninja training obstacle course. We made swords out of Dollar Store pool noodles (cut in half) and then used $1 store duct tape for a “handle”. Ninjago_Collage5

It’s probably hard to believe, but I made Chase’s AMAZING cake ;). HAHA. Chaseyboy had a blast at his 6th birthday party.

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