A letter to 5-year-old Chaseyboy.

10389079_10152282702636989_4637574268146977703_nChaseyboy, our firstborn, it is hard to believe but you are FIVE! I could write and write about the cutest things you’ve said in the past 5 years, one of my most favourite ones was when you were asked what your first and last name and you said “Chasey Boy.” Or the most recent adorable quote where you thought your tball coach was telling you to literally run home and you packed up your hat and glove and headed my way. :) :) :) I could go on and on.

You are a true gift to our family. I am so thankful for who you are. Here is a bit about you currently. 10458081_10152314854131989_5099868355570851270_nYou have a love for learning. And though you can be hesitant to try new things, when you do try them, you give it your all and excel! You also enjoy teaching your brother things, even deep things about life, about God, about the way things work, etc. 10347472_10152293026266989_4506189929693023940_n

You adore your sister, your heart to protect her is already so moving (though at this stage in life you mostly try to protect her from your less-than-gentle little brother Shai) I pray your heart to protect others – not with physical force but with words, will carry far into your adult years.

1507750_10152094207216989_3037894511505048651_nIt’s adorable, but for the past couple of years you’ve said “When I grow up to be a daddy I’ll…” and share the things YOU will do when YOU are a daddy, Like being a daddy is the greatest thing in the world (which you have the best dad, so of course you think that!) I adore it and hope you always feel that way :)10525844_10152262681506989_6889496046084937090_nYou love the outdoors (unless it’s thundering because unfortunately momma has put an unhealthy fear of lightening in you), most moments of your day you’d prefer to spend swinging or playing around the yard, (Above: Here they are “cooking”)


You are amazing at using your imagination to the fullest and exploring the world with creativity. If momma is doing a project, you want to participate in any way possible! You just LOVE to create.


5 years in and you still need solitude at some point throughout the day. You enjoy “quiet times” where you usually play or create in your room or Everly’s while brother naps. (You also REALLY love puzzles and legos right now)


You so desire things to be done “the right way” and when they aren’t, it upset your greatly. While that’s sometimes quite difficult, it’s also amazing to see how much you desire right from wrong and are so willing to pursue the right path (most of the time :))


Oh how I wanna keep you little, My Chaseyboy. All of you – from your blonde little faux hawk and cute little squinty-eye smile, to the innocent look I see in your eyes, Or the way your giggle when you’re so excited, The way you call “Mom, what super hero am I?” from down the hallway each night.

I know I can’t keep you little, and that you are growing far faster than I had imagined…

My prayer for you is that as you grow you’ll know that you are loved always, that grace abounds and you are forgiven when needed, that you know how to truly loves others and let go of all the rest (hatred, bitterness, anger, etc), that you learn what you are passionate about and pursue that with all of your heart. I pray that you’ll come to understand who you are in Christ, what He’s placed within you and how you can live the fullest, love selflessly, and impact the word greatly.


My Chaseyboy. I already see incredible things within you, shining through more and more as you grow. I can’t wait to see the Man you’re becoming! (Well, actually, I’m okay with you slowly down JUST A TAD PLEASE!)

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