DIY Jersey Knot Headbands

Decided to try and pop out another quick DIY on the blog, before I “pop out” this baby FRIDAY!!

Here is a quick post to share DIY headbands for yourself or your little one!

photo 1-11

Choose a fabric, I haven’t yet tried cotton but mostly because I really love the jersey materials! They work well with this kind of headband as well. photo.PNGMeasurements: For a baby/toddler I cut 22″ long and a little over 4″ wide (you’ll cut the extra off)
photo 3-9Once you’ve cut… photo 4-6 Fold it and pin the RIGHT side IN!photo 5-9Then sew, sew, 1-12
Once you’re finished, fold it again.
photo 2-15 Cut the corners off, to make the “bow” a little more 3-10Cut the extra off the sides if needed (also, for this tutorial I accidentally used a straight stitch when I usually do a close zigzag stitch)photo 4-7 Turn material right side 5-10 photo-2

Knot the material to your liking!! And you’re done!

photo 2-16

I’ve experimented with this fun project. I’ve done some wider and thinner. I like both but will really decide when I see them on our little Gal! :)

photo 1-13

They are so easy and quick and cute! I hope you enjoy this DIY!

The next time you see me on here, I’ll be introducing our new bundle!!

Pray for us this Friday as we’re having her via C-section around 7:30am MST!

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