Amsterdam Maternity Shoot.

We really wanted to do a maternity photoshoot before we left Amsterdam. So literally 2 days before we left, we attempted one. unfortunately both boys fell asleep on our walk into the city and when they woke, they were SO cranky and not loving the cold weather. So here are a few shots of mostly me at 29 weeks pregnant.

AmsterdamMaternity-7The first pair of shoes I ever purchased for her and they are from Amsterdam, even better!
AmsterdamMaternity-2AmsterdamMaternity-4AmsterdamMaternity-5AmsterdamMaternity-8Chase refused to get out of the stroller due to the cold. And Shailo was clearly not a fan either :)
AmsterdamMaternity-9Hilarious one of Shailo :)AmsterdamMaternity_feet

That’s it from our quick maternity shoot in Amsterdam. Kind of makes me laugh, but I sure am thankful we did them! We are taking my “official” maternity photos next week at 37 weeks like I did with Shailo. Even though I am not MUCH bigger than these shown here, I will post them… for memouries sake ;)

One thought on “Amsterdam Maternity Shoot.

  1. Sincerely Sam says:

    You are such a stunning momma!
    I know I’ve said it before but- I love your blog .
    When I started reading your blog, I would stumble upon others blogs, thus starting my love of reading blogs, THUS starting my own blog:) so thanks for unknowingly starting it all for me:)
    Can I also say how exciting it is to think that your sweet babies will have this incredible blog to look back through someday! You’ve captured so many memories for them, what an incredible gift you will be able to give them!


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