Since we’ve been back…

Just some photos and notes of our time since we’ve been back in ‘Merica …
1486759_10151886152716989_682454113_nThe boys were gifted many Superhero gifts this Christmas. Here they are as super hero Ninjas.

I asked my mom to make the boys super hero capes to go with a batman and superman mask I bought them for Christmas (off Amazon for SO cheap!) She went above and beyond and made them each reversible capes. Chase’s is Batman and Captain America  and Shailo’s is Superman and Ironman. My kiddos don’t actually watch superhero movies yet, although they are obsessed haha, so they have no idea that many of these Superheroes don’t actually wear capes ;)1479430_10151886245511989_581324243_nMy littlest batman, confused on how to wear the mask.1501749_10151886606771989_117263195_nI’ve struggled a lot with feeling guilty for selling most everything and moving our kiddos overseas for a season. When we came back I noticed how much the little familiar thins meant to Chase. Ted found his box of some of his fav toys and he is so excited. I’m thankful we didn’t sell ALL of his things. Precious boy, I’m okay with him finding a little bit of comfort in these familiar things, even Octonauts.  I’m hoping to blog soon about these guilty feelings and thoughts on the future plans.

The beginning of potty training Shailo… reading books, singing potty/poo songs, etc. Brother will be super helpful as we embark on this new adventure! :)1499473_10151894870131989_921684930_nSince we returned to the States the boys have struggled with colds, flu, ear infections, the works ;)1504959_10151901436431989_1448098231_n

Shailo even got the worse diaper rash he has ever had. I ended up searching Pinterest for a natural remedy and found one that worked WONDERS: Coconut oil + Tea Tree essential oil! 1527027_10151901854491989_2019985371_n

New Year’s Eve we made our own Christmas cookies (a tradition I love and missed this year!)1545625_10151922803766989_191251857_n1512594_10151899043631989_1417304641_n

We absolutely LOVE Colorado winters. They are gorgeous. One moment it could be snowing and the next it’s bright and sunny! We’ve tried to make time to get outside, as much as this sleepy/achy momma can!


We spent a weekend in Arvada where we lived just a few months ago. It was a great weekend to catch up with friends we’ve missed since we’ve been away.


We went to Zoo Lights, a treat from our friend Chey and Anthony.

1422454_10151924478876989_268136824_nShailo, caught in the act of stealing fresh homemade cookies GGma (his great grandma) made. He pushed the chair up himself to sneak these.


I had my first EVER prenatal massage and chiropractor treatment, thanks to my Padre’s christmas gift to me. AMAZING to say the least.

1528659_10151935107156989_2117987799_nThis past weekend we celebrated my Great Grandma Lois’s 90th birthday! This is my boys Great GREAT Grandmother! This is what happens when 4 generations have babies young.995284_10151935170981989_199629154_nWe threw her a big surprise birthday party. My 2nd cousin’s and Aunt and Uncle flew in from Illinois to surprise her :)1513209_10151935386206989_2128839190_n

Beauty then and now. Many years of life and love!

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