Amsterdam {Week 12}

Our last week in Amsterdam was bittersweet. We were excited at the idea of going home for the Holidays, yet sad to leave behind our newfound friends and a beautiful city. Because tickets were cheaper to leave mid-week, we flew out Thursday before the majority of my class. Tearful goodbyes were said during this week.

1486857_10151873251971989_888634505_nMy last teaching of the week was on Art Therapy. We did some hands on work, which was really fun. A quote I enjoyed from our day of teaching:

When a person is very ill (cancer or depression, etc) it is important to show them the part in them get that is still healthy and alive.
1476445_10151872190381989_136395018_nTwo days before we left for home, Shailo fell and got his first black eye!988815_10151873576536989_581770860_nHere is a poor lighting photo of his eye. It got worse each day and I felt like momma of the year! Haha1526644_10151872172756989_1765498929_n

Packing for home was an experience! Oh.mah.word!1524653_10151880412141989_1146667633_n

Shailo back in Colorado… at 4 am due to jet lag. But the kiddo slept 12 hours straight, so I can’t really complain!1487347_10151883486556989_300717967_n

The boys in a bath, finally! We didn’t have on in Amsterdam so they wanted one every night since we’ve been back!

Amsterdam friends, we miss you! We are so thankful for our time there and for the chance to meet such amazing people. Perhaps someday we’ll visit again!

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