Amsterdam {Week 11}

578156_10151854904496989_944373537_nThere aren’t many places the boys can hide during hide n’ seek in our room, but they were cracking me up “hiding” in the closet over and over. I adore how they find delight in the littlest things! 1424320_10151857515931989_1947720263_nYet another speaker brought European chocolate for the class! I’ve consumed more chocolate here in Europe than ever before! ;)
1456703_10151860571171989_1663652182_nPhoto from an evening out with my friend Kayla.
1385672_10151861282246989_1975019278_nDecorating Christmas cookies with friends.
1464770_10151863650606989_807104729_nPregnancy bump update. Hello 3rd trimester!
1503310_10151865652176989_2068694310_nTed set up a fun date night for us with the help of our friends, the Pyhala’s! They watched the boys OVERNIGHT! Ted found a 1.5 hour canal tour for just 15 euro! We had a yummy meal and enjoyed our time on the canals of Amsterdam! What an experience!946103_10151865646291989_176849767_nDate night.
1505025_10151867043311989_202609980_nOver the weekend I had to finish my final exam as well as other homework. Ted has a few photo shoots to take care of and I ended up with the boys, so we hung out in the YWAM nursery for most of the weekend so this momma could finish her work! Here is a rare photo of the boys napping, at the same time!1525001_10151868823206989_826944777_n

Photo of our last weekend family breakfast in Amsterdam.

Week 11 our teaching was on Sonship (or Daughtership) and the Father Heart of God. One of my favorite quotes from this week;

As we establish more and more that you are His daughters (or sons), we established the capacity to encounter life that comes our way. Even the painful or life draining experiences. Will we allow my painful experiences to question that we are His daughters/sons? We need to pull the Source of Truth into these moments of pain. We have a Source of Truth that will help us to face the messages that come to us that are lies. We are unable to avoid these painful situations but can control how we respond. Do not allow these things to effect our sense of value, our sense of identity and of where we belong… That is our “turf”. Understand that the Father is equipping and training us, walking in these situations with us. Guiding us to become overcomes! -Thomas Grunder

Another good one from this week:

Sin comes, limitations come, and brokenness come… Our Father is removing what is broken, sinful because it takes life out of us. Life is a refining process to draw out the beauty that the Father has placed within you from the beginning. Process at the core is not about removing the bad, but about releasing the God given potential that he has placed in you when he wove you together in your mother’s womb. He wants US to see what He has dreamt for each of us to come to fruition! Our unique DNA is a precious reflection of the Father’s love for us from the beginning (Not one person’s DNA is the exact same same as another). We have the capacity to become the one our Father created us, uniquely, to be. To use our gifts in a life giving way. Removing the life-draining things in our life so that our capacity to be alive would increase. So that we could be life givers! – Thomas Grunder

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