Amsterdam {Week 10}

Bits and pieces from week 10 in The Netherlands. 1477653_10151840450826989_2136708631_n-1When we returned to the YWAM base after a wonderful weekend away with the Pyhala’s, I was a little discouraged. It was December 1st which typically in the states we would be doing Day 1 of a Christmas Activity Advent, like in past years. It was a family tradition. My sweet husband encouraged me to still do one, even though it would be super simple and we were away from home. So we sat down as a family, listened to Christmas music and made one!1470332_10151840775051989_1516045244_n-1Our 2013 – 19 day Activity Advent calendar. The truth is we only were able to really complete the easiest ones before we left but it was also a wonderful countdown to when we left for home sweet home. The boys enjoyed it!1441266_10151840824426989_1832855467_n-1If you’ve followed my blog, you know I love creating! It was kind of hard to do in Amsterdam but I made do with what I had. This was my jewelry holder during our stay ;) My alternative to the one I created here ;) and my alternative to the Anchor quote I made here for the boys’ bathroom. 1450223_10151840832341989_457389859_nChaseyboy’s face after trying my new favorite drink: Bitter Lemon.1467192_10151844973061989_60139837_n-1The boys with their “Rescued” animals.  1453450_10151850717446989_2027433562_n-1Emphasis on the ‘in training’ :) Ironic that he was wearing his “Big Brother” shirt.1425649_10151850954906989_256557972_n-1Skype sesh with our favorite family!!1488167_10151852109161989_1125381739_n-1This week I was totally blown away and blessed by a surprise baby shower thrown by my friend Kayla here at YWAM Amsterdam. Feeling so loved and incredibly excited to put baby E.S. in these adorable outfits!

This week’s teaching was on Family Systems. I took away SO much from this week. Here are a few quotes from this week:

Sometimes we pray people’s emotions away when we really need to let them feel and understand their feelings, the roots. Sometimes we use prayer to “fill” another persons emptiness when in reality they need closeness… Jesus loved us in our humanity. It’s okay to have pain, sadness and sorrow, feeling powerless. He is not ashamed of our emotions. It’s not ministry to just shut people’s emotions down with a scripture or prayer. It’s ministry to be with them as they walk in their human emotions.


Draw close to your children by disciplining them, not just punishing them. Show them you enjoy being with them even if they need the discipline (even do the discipline with them!) They begin to realize what they could be, the behavior they could have, because you are {with them}, {believing} in them!

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