Amsterdam {Week 9}

Highlights from week 9 in Amsterdam

We were super honored to be invited to the base leader’s home one day. We spent many hours with the Blijileven family; great food and fellowship. They especially made our stay in Amsterdam a special one. Such a loving and welcoming family! … And as you can see, Shailo LOVED his tomato soup so much so he decided to wear it, everywhere ;)

Update on the baby bump.1476389_10151830208636989_1552920791_n-1One morning my school had a FCM Family brunch.
1461790_10151837960781989_1856509926_n-1Thanksgiving weekend we spent with our friends Jonah and Merel and their son, Spencer. On the way to their home, we popped by an IKEA for an IKEA experience in Europe. It was a fun time!1474522_10151838041131989_1713222179_n-1 The boys watching Daddy and Jonah racing go karts.1476142_10151838058416989_1558557858_n-1Even Chaseyboy had a chance to ride his own automatic go kart! He was a little hesitant because it’s kind of a “big” vehicle for a kiddo to operate haha!1452362_10151838512576989_1632963569_n-1

Our weekend with the Pyhala’s was an amazing one. Merel cooked us a phenomenal thanksgiving meal. And being in an actual home instead of our little tiny room was a huge blessing. I actually cried when we left their home and the fellowship with them. What a beautiful family and an amazing weekend away!

This week my teaching was on Healing of the Fractured Soul. This week looked a little different than I had imagined, but I did take away a few quotes on marriage and vision that I loved. Here is one hit home with me;

:We will go, when we can go with one heart.” 

This is our new “motto” in regards to future plans. I felt like our decision to go to Amsterdam was definitely one of our first moments where we both agreed on the decision to move and step out, where we both went with one heart. I want to always seek this in our decision making.

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