Amsterdam {Week 7}

1468649_10151793222341989_661696006_n-1The weekend Grandma Anisa left was especially hard on us. The boys and I ended up cooped up in our little room for the entire weekend. Partly because I was behind on homework and had to finish before Monday. It was just a bummer of a weekend for us all. Here the boys are pictured eating at their little table in our room :)576612_10151801635786989_849724031_n-1 Having Grandma leave kind of triggered a downward spiral for us all I think. Ted and I started to get a little “home sick”, especially me. That same week though, TWO different blessings happened which encouraged our hearts. First, a package from our dear friends The Maxwells from Georgia! It was filled with little blessings for us all as a family. It warmed our hearts. I cried, but hello – it’s me we’re talking about. The second surprise was our friends Jonah and Merel (who live close by!) hanging out with us and blessing us with Dutch treats galore! With little thoughtful notes attached to each item. Made our day!
969221_10151799598216989_228559197_n-1Chase and his buddy (2 years old than him) playing swords and dressed as Super Heroes :)

1469966_10151810357021989_927556433_n This past weekend we attended the Sinterklaas Christmas Celebration in Amsterdam. 1391423_10151810361611989_399238817_nIt was quite an experience, entirely in Dutch – and rightly so! I still understood the Christmas’y spirit and it got me excited for the upcoming holiday!


In Colorado during the holidays we celebrate with treats of Hot Cocoa at parades and such so we found Chaseyboy a special treat for the day!


Funny moment at the parade: At one point Chase was waving at the parade people and they waved back, he said, “They’re probably thinking “what’s Tigress from Kung Fu Panda doing here?!”” Bahaha this kid cracks me up.

Ted posted a blog with great photos of the parade and also some protests he stumbled upon. Check them out here.

We have just entered out 8th week here! I can’t even believe it. We leave for home in just 4 weeks! WHOA!

Prayer requests:

– For a clear understanding of what’s next immediately after this school.

– for Shailo who is sick with a cough and not sleeping well – which means I am also not sleeping well either.

– for me (jami) to dive into the final 4 weeks.

This weeks teaching was on Childhood Development which I loved!

Our speaker was sharing the importance of teaching children (between 4-12) the different stages of life – explained at their age level of course. Just the day before she taught I had a situation come up with Chase which emphasized the importance of this: Chase, Shailo and I were in the bathroom and I was saying that Shailo would be potty trained as soon as we are back to America. Chase got so excited: “You mean, he’s gunna be a big boy??” Me: “yes!” Chase beyond excited now: “Then I’m gunna be a daddy! I’m so excited to be a daddy!!” So cute, of course in his 4yr old brain he thought in the stages he sees: baby stage, big boy stage and daddy stage  I had to explain a little bit but thought this was hilarious and a prime example when I heard her teaching the next day!

Here is a quote I enjoyed from the week:

“We can no more detach the present from the past than a tree can walk away from it’s roots.”

The importance of really dealing with root issues is so huge in our lives. Sweeping things under the rugs just can’t work if we want true redemption and healing. He wants us restored, what a beautiful redemptive Father we have!

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