Amsterdam {Week 6}


Watchin’ the final spin on the washer (and the hangers in Chase’s shirt are actually “arrows” as lately he has been obsessed with Robin Hood (the old Disney classic version) 1452427_10151790329561989_8351268_n

6 month baby bump! Even though she is my fourth baby in 4 years – I carry her SO HIGH! I am shocked. And I love my growing belly more than words can express.

Week 6 of teaching was on Myers Briggs (Personalities) for the first half and Addictive Behavior for the second half. I enjoyed both quite a bit. I have taken the Myers Briggs a few times, but not in the past 4 years. It was good to take it again and see how I’ve changed. And to learn about others personalities as well! I absolutely love learning about what makes us who we are and how to better understand each other.
photo 3-6994038_10151790333641989_1065114171_n Two days before Grandma Anisa had to leave us and head back home to Alaska, we visited the Amsterdam Zoo – which also has an aquarium, a butterfly pavilion and insect section inside, It was fun for the boys to experience a zoo besides the Denver Zoo which we so often visited in the states. Here the boys were able to get much closer to the animals! We actually live only a 5 minutes walk from the zoo and can hear the wolves howling (nightly), monkey noises and the unique bird calls. :)
photo 3-5photo 2-8photo 5-6941837_10151791180586989_429722177_n

Shailo Valour turned 2 on this week as well! (blog post about his birthday soon)

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