Germany: a mini getaway!

When Ted’s mom was here, she wanted to take a trip to Germany, where Ted and his family lived for a few years when his dad was in the Military. We took a trip her second weekend here, it was quite a fun experience for us all!

(iPhone pictures)
IMG_0659Amsterdam Train Station
1422407_10151772340976989_2037173186_n 1391723_10151772338961989_1584882579_nBoys first real train ride – we took it from Amsterdam to Germany which was about 3 hours away., They LOVED IT.


Adding to our slowly growing collection of Starbucks mugs from around the world.IMG_07201385239_10151772414576989_1715540481_nWe stayed in our very first hostel as a family – with Grandma Anisa! It was so beautiful and nothing like I’d expected! Boys loved the bunk beds.1393812_10151774199011989_1625626559_n

The Cologne Cathedral. This was breathtaking. And bigger than you could imagine. Incredible. As we walked closer to the Cathedral Chase was cold and said, “Maybe ‘the church’ has a nursery inside!” Hehe

IMG_07231452411_10151774210341989_548480616_nChaseyboy wanted a picture by the “flying lion water fountain” :) Love him,
1385422_10151776464506989_960943628_n “Love Locks” bridge in Cologne. AMAZING.
1455951_10151776467936989_1977937162_n We spent a while looking at lockets and reading inscriptions of couples from years ago to currently. Even the boys enjoyed these locks!1456675_10151776473621989_1883172944_nThousands!IMG_0769IMG_0755Teal and pink lock but of course (you know me – my fav colour combo)

IMG_0754IMG_0742IMG_0730“tuckered out” this kid can sleep anywhere!75510_10151774735376989_1448204305_n

Grandma Anisa bought baby girl E.S. her first toy. Handmade from Germany and with PINK but of course :)IMG_0768Probably my favorite place in all of Germany :) A bakery. YUM.IMG_0734

(Images below: Canon Camera photos – taken by Ted)

finals-3finals-7 finals-9 finals-10 finals-14finals-16 finals-23finals-28 finals-34finals-31 finals

It was truly a blessing to have a weekend away – (and paid for) – with Grandma Anisa. It was a great time to explore a new city and have time as a family!

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