Amsterdam {Week 5}

I am a bit behind, but here are some photos of our 5th week in Amsterdam!


My mother-in-law found some of the yummiest cookies! We call them the “Windmill cookies” which, you can see why. Delicious :)

1379309_10151760848196989_1607372735_nA cute of of Shailo saying “Cheeeese”. The funny thing was his brother pointed out him sitting in the window and suggested I take a picture :) Photographer’s child much? Haha


Chase dressed as “Moses” in one of my dresses and a pillow case for a head covering :)


Super Shailo with his backwards “cape”.


The boys experiencing a little bit of fall in Amsterdam.

1391865_10151767485771989_1563378195_nA place where I’m able to get some of my homework done – a room on the tippy top of the YWAM Amsterdam building – actually it used to be a look out tower. It overlooks the city and it is beautiful and peaceful.


Our 5th week of teaching was on Restoring the Foundations – summed up, basically getting to the root issue of things in our lives and in our family generations.  This was a bit (above) that I really loved. It was a helpful way to look at healthy and unhealthy patterns in my life.

This week was mostly pictures on the boys. They spent the entire week with Grandma Anisa and with Daddy who arrived back from Uganda that Tuesday. Ted came home exhausted but had a wonderful experience! You can check out his photography while in Uganda here. It is AMAZING!

By Friday, after I was out of classes, we left for a mini getaway trip to Germany where Ted’s family lived for a few years when he was younger. Next post will be on our time in Germany!

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