Amsterdam {Week 4}

Our 4th week in Amsterdam was by far our most intense! Ted left for a photo trip to Uganda while Ted’s mom arrived to watch the boys. I had a very long and intense week of lectures and ministry time. Holy moly! By the time the weekend came along, I felt emotionally and physically exhausted. I used to pride myself for being an adaptable person ;) but I am so not adaptable when pregnant. Not. at. all. 1375687_10151757958021989_265795777_n

This week was super intense emotionally. God did something in me and then decided to blow me away through a student here. She felt to give me these flowers. When I saw the bouquet, I couldn’t believe it. Pink Gerber daisies. They always make me think of our Eisley-girl. They were the exact flowers I was given on the day of her birth. They are so special to us. This past September on her birthday I wasn’t able to find any pink Gerber daisies. Came to Amsterdam and there they are!


Monday mornings we have community worship (wednesdays and fridays we have worship as a class.) The past few weeks the base has been thriving with people!


Chaseyboy (the blur behind) and Shailo have had a blast playing with new friends here!


My shortness is magnified here ;)1391491_10151753525276989_1465824023_n

Monday – Wednesday our class watched and participated in ministry. It was SO incredible, but also exhausting. photo above: some classmates.


Thursday and Friday we had long lecture days (12 hours each day). My newfound friend Kayla and I did the healthy thing and survived by eating sugar throughout it ;)


How we get groceries here in Amsterdam :)


I missed seeing Loren Cunningham when he came through YWAM Denver, but a surprise visit to Amsterdam and I got an opportunity to hear him speak. Pretty inspiring!!

I didn’t take many photos during week 4, but I hope I did well keeping ya’ll up to date!

Week 5 coming soon. (We are almost in week 6 now, what?!)

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