Boy, girl, boy…?! (a gender reveal)

You’ve asked and here it FINALLY is… our gender reveal photoshoot!

finals_FB-2Sneak peek … (also, one of my faves of the day)
finals_FBGIRL!!!finals_FB-7finals_FB-4finals_FB-5finals_FB-6finals_FB-8finals_FB-9 finals_FB-10 finals_FB-11finals_FB-12finals_FB-14 finals_FB-15 finals_FB-16finals_FB-18finals_FB-19I’m beyond thrilled. finals_FB-21 finals_FB-22 finals_FB-23 Such a Chaseyboy face hahafinals_FB-26 finals_FB-27 finals_FB-28 finals_FB-30 Baby sister E.S.D (you know me, the name is gunna stay a secret til she’s here) is coming March 1, 2014!!finals_FB-31

Our pregnancy with Chase – having him be a surprise until birth was such a treasure for me, and I guess a sort of “bucket list” check off for me. Our pregnancy with Eisley is when I decided if we’re gunna learn the gender, I wanted to do it in a super fun way. We had the Pink or Blue party where we cut into a cake and learned she was a girl! With Shailo I accidently learned during an ultrasound – but we shared with close family and friends at our Mustache or Bows party. This time around, I wanted to do things a little differently, I learned around 12.5 weeks which was super hard for me for a few reasons. We learned “It’s a girl” and then within 5 minutes we learned that she had her organs growing outside of her body. At 16 weeks, we went back in and our specialist said that her organs were back inside! I felt like I could breath a little easier after that – although, honestly it’s still very hard for me to be pregnant. And to learn it’s a girl, I feel even more vulnerable somehow. I’ll blog more about that soon.

Thanks for popping by! Hope you’re excited as we are ;)

7 thoughts on “Boy, girl, boy…?! (a gender reveal)

  1. brittney says:

    yay!!this is a very cute idea. I just want to say one thing, i dont know if you just gave her name away because i think you meant to say chases gender reveal, but wrote Eisley???


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