Amsterdam {Week 3}

photo 2 (3)photo 3 (1)1377065_10151740869881989_106276345_n

My lap each day in class. This week’s teaching was on The Divine Plumbline. (And I get to sit on a couch! Wohoo! ;))
photo 1 (2)We had the opportunity to watch a man share his heart.. His ministry is pretty cool. He’s a potter who travels the world to share about The Potter. This teaching was amazing.

Out to explore!1395924_10151741307971989_910762915_nNutella as big as my face! Yes,please :)photo 4 (2)1376541_10151741312586989_892028943_nOnly the most AMAZING thing ever. 1383349_10151742887611989_554302066_nEach Friday afternoon, my school spends the afternoon at a place they call The Tabernacle – like a house of prayer, Ted was asked to lead this past Friday which was a pretty cool opportunity for him! Love his heart for worship!
1395161_10151742908916989_2147453418_nHanging out with friends!
1385294_10151744575376989_1592714569_nShailo raided our fall/winter accessories haha 1375856_10151745216661989_418372788_n Lots of Supers in this family.1385253_10151744994156989_817155148_n Silly sleeper shai moment (after he fell asleep eating at dinner!1377159_10151744986676989_1002841630_namsterdamCollageI know I said I’d do a room tour, but I have a feeling with the lack of time, this will have to be it! We are living rather humbly right now. And I love it!!1395386_10151744610836989_1859562322_nI was searching for Shailo and a little panicked, but found him UNDER the bed, eating a chocolate spread he’d opened by himself!! Stinker hahaphoto 3 (2) Chasey’boy dressing up at a new friend’s home. photo 1 (4)New friends eating Pufferjes! 1379380_10151746434976989_544405991_nMy mother-in-law arrived Yesterday! She is staying for about 3 weeks and taking care of the boys while Ted is in Uganda (beginning tomorrow) for 9 days.! Such a blessing! She came bearing gifts for the kiddos (hence the costumes!) and today we explored the city for a bit
1396052_10151746428181989_1828234942_nWe rode a huge ferris wheel … the boys first one. They loved it! Here is Chase as we went up. 1381279_10151746432216989_1224919727_nTed thought it would be funny to rock our little room WAY up high!1375108_10151746431151989_182241335_nAbove Amsterdam.
photo 2 (2)

Pretty fun morning!

A few prayer requests before I hop offline:

– Ted is SICK. He’s actually sleeping right now. Stomach thing that has been going around – I had it friday. Please pray for complete healing! He leaves tomorrow for a photo trip to Uganda!

-my MIL arrived, as I mentioned above, and please pray against jet lag. She seems to be doing pretty good so far.

-Next week not only does Ted leave but it looks like one of the busiest weeks my school will have yet. Please pray for grace and favor all around!

That’s it, thanks for checking in!

3 thoughts on “Amsterdam {Week 3}

  1. Natalie says:

    Hey Jami~congrats about the news! Sending prayers and best wishes!
    Do you have an e-mail address? I couldn’t find it here but wanted to message you….
    – a new blog follower!


  2. Cecilie says:

    Dear sweet Jamie!
    I admire you for having such courage and raw honesty.. I have read your blog for about three years now, and I have cried happy and sad tears with you. And I just want you to know that I am cheering you on (and lifting you up in prayer) throughout this next adventure that you guys are going on.. Thank you for allowing Christ to work through you and inspire other women to do so as well..
    Welcome to Europe! – If you ever end up in Denmark, let me know and I’ll take you out for some Danish pastries ;)
    Much love from Cecilie


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