Amsterdam {Week 2}

It’s hard to believe we have already been in the Netherlands for 2 weeks! Like I promised, here are some photos of the past week.
photo 2-1

Okay, first thing first… you’ve asked for a baby bump pic, here ya go! 19 weeks and counting.
photo 3-1

(Here I am standing next to a tiny car, such a tourist’y photo haha)

I know you’re all curious of the gender of this little one… rain or shine, we are going to do our gender reveal photoshoot by the end of this week! so stay tuned this weekend! Boy or Girl?! photo 1-6

Above: I have my classes in this beautiful, old (and cold!) room. We literally all wear jackets and coats, scarves and blankets! Haha! Last week’s topic was on Sexual Brokenness and Identity and HOLY MOLY was it heavy. I am thinking I will blog more about classes that impact me.
photo 2-6

We eat our lunches and dinners community style in the YWAM bases’ dining room. I’m trying to branch out of my comfort zone and connect with others more. The meals down here really do help that. Still workin’ on it though ;) My boys are actually really awesome at helping in this area. People just adore kiddos (well, most do haha)

photo 1-1Another frequently asked question is how is Chaseyboy doing now?! Well, he’s better! Many of you know he’s had a really hard time transitioning. He’s a creature of habit and a homebody, so you can imagine how hard this has been on him. It’s been breaking my momma heart, but I am so thankful to say he’s softening and beginning to welcome this new season. Thank you for your many prayers, concern and love. Means the world to us. We feel them.

I’ve tried to make the room as home-like as I can. We have a long room and a small adjoining room which we made Chase’s bedroom/playroom. I brought our curtains from home and some photos to help this transition. (Maybe I’ll do a room tour next week?!)
photo 1-5

Chase has made a few new buddies here, friends around his same age even. This is a huge blessing and answer to prayer. We’ve felt he’s really lacked in that over his 4 years. Ted and I already decided whatever is next for us, whatever He calls us to, a value of ours in community and we’ve got to make sure this happens longterm. For us and for our children. It’s just gotta for us!photo 1-2

Shailo also made a buddy in this sweet little man, Hezekiah! He is 6 months younger and they have a lot of fun. Ted and I are super blessed to have met a really awesome couple who have this little guy. We heard of them when we applied for this school. They too had applied and the husband was from Colorado. We actually had the opportunity to meet them before we all came over here! We all share a similar heart and passions, it’s just super amazing! And it’s even more awesome to be able to have people to relate to in this transition. The wife, Kayla, is doing the school with me and our husbands are watching our boys. How cool is that?!

photo 2-2

Weekends are our chance to explore the city and (for me) to get a chance to get out with my family! Ted is able to during the week which is nice. photo 2-3

Saturday we ate a simple, cheap lunch over looking a canal and watching tourist boats pass by. photo 3-2

I had to snap a few photos of the “vehicles” mommas here drive! I’m SO impressed with the moms here. I even saw a woman with 4 kiddos in one of these!

photo 4-2Above is another cool one. See the seat on the back for a kiddo as well as the bucket for kids up front?! Sheesh!photo 5-2

Shailo and Ted photographing ;)photo 1-3

We found a park nearby one evening. It was actually quite amazing because earlier in the day Chase had said maybe we’d find a park with a trampoline and I said, probably not. And then we did!! So awesome :) He was super thrilled photo 5-3

Because Amsterdam is rainy most of the year, the city actually offers a variety of things for families (kiddos) to do throughout the year. One of them is called Tun Fun which is an old subway station transformed into a mind blowing kid zone. I actually felt pretty overwhelmed when we first walked in, haha!
photo 4-3

photo 1-4

The boys had the BEST time!

photo 2-7

We do a lot of walking and because this city is overrun with bicyclists, they have quite a few cool ways of getting around. Chase and Ted enjoyed this bike/stroller walkway.

I’ll take a minute to share a few prayer requests before I leave:

– So… still sleepy in class. Prego that I am :)

– Chaseyboy and his sensitive spirit. I feel like God gave me a glimpse into what’s going on inside of his heart/head. I’m thankful for a bit of revelation and now I feel like I know how to pray for him better.

-I’ve been struggling with keeping in contact with loved ones back home and being the people pleaser I am, it has really been difficult for me to not feel guilty. I am so busy with school that when I get a moment to spend with my family I tend to just hangout with them. Or visit others in the community. Or travel out to grab milk for the boys. Or do a work duty, or to speak with so and so about whatever questions I still have. It’s just a lot. And in some ways I feel like I’m drowning. My mom is so wise and said something quite powerful that resonated with me in this season. She said, “You are such a giver.  You have been in a season of having to choose who to give to.”  It’s difficult because – as that annoying people pleaser I am, I feel like I’m failing many people. Please know that even if I haven’t written or not much, it isn’t personal! I am just in a season of needing to invest in myself and my family. I still love love love deeply and dearly.

-Ted – he leaves for Uganda next Monday for one week!!! Pray for safety in travels and quite adapting for his body. He will be photographing for a ministry there. My awesome MIL is going to be arriving here in Amsterdam on Sunday and we are SO excited! She is amazing. She will be watching the boys. Please pray for her body to adjust well to the time change (10 hour difference for her).

Thank you!

photo 5-1

Well, good night, friends! Or should I say good morning or afternoon? ;)

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