Our adventure to Amsterdam (the details)!

Family PhotoThe past year there has been a new and a renewed stirring within Ted and I. More so the beginning of this year. We started feeling suffocated by our life, which would seem odd because if you were on the outside looking in, you’d see mostly good thing going for us; Ted finally found himself a really good job, I too have a wonderful job that allowed me to stay home with my boys, we have a beautiful home (that isn’t a basement!), a working vehicle…

But something was missing. For one, our spirit of adventure. But it was more than that. It was this feeling that what we both longed to be doing, what we felt called to and passionate about, was fading. That our dreams were dying.

One day I found myself, once again, wading through stuff in our home. I felt so weighed down and burdened. What I craved most was a simple, meaningful life, felt lost amidst everything else. I felt so many other things had captured my attention and had steered me away from what I long for the most.

Early June, Ted stopped me in my tracks while making dinner. He started with, “Before you say anything, we are still having a baby (didn’t know I was actually pregnant at the time) and we are still going to Thailand next year.” I knew then my dreamer, visionary husband was about to share a big, BIG dream. I’ve learned in the past, shooting these dreams down is a mega spirit killer. While I’m still not always good at it, this time I shut my mouth. He continued, “I know you want to do a counseling school down the road, but what if you did it this year? There is a school in Amsterdam this fall.” He shared a bit more about the school and how he would watch the boys and lay his schooling on hold so I could do it.

So honestly, I initially felt frustrated. I listened and then said, “I need a minute. I’m going to go water the garden.” I stayed out there 30 min processing and “praying” but with a super closed off heart. Fear paralyzes me too often and in this case I felt I just couldn’t go there. I walked back inside and but we actually didn’t end up talking about it. What I didn’t know at the time was the Ted felt he was to share and then never bring it back up again… unless I did.

So two weeks later, I really hadn’t given it a second thought. The boys and I went to a church BBQ while Ted had to work. While we were there I saw a couple was back from their crossroads DTS. Talking with them, my heart felt stirred again. And I just had this feeling in me, that Amsterdam was where we were supposed to go. That we were supposed to take a leap of faith and just go for it. I texted Ted right before I left the picnic and said, “Let’s do it. Let’s go to Amsterdam!”

And now we’re hurrying to sell things and get ourselves ready to go!

So what are we going to Amsterdam for?

I will be doing a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) school called Foundations in Counseling Ministries. It is a 3 month long, intensive lecture phase. (It also has an outreach portion but I will be having a baby ;)) We will return back to the states mid-December after graduation. You can read more about the school on their site.

What will Ted be doing? What will I be doing with the boys since I’ll be in class all day?

Ted has decided to lay down his schooling for a few months so I can do some of my own to prep for our future. He will be watching the boys everyday and taking on the roll of “Mr. Mom” as he’s calling it. He also hopes to shoot a few weddings on the weekends while we’re over there.

Why a counseling school?

Years ago I felt burdened/moved when I heard of sex slavery, particularly in Thailand but also all over the world. In 2006 I dreamt of living overseas and aiding in getting woman and children out of this horrible industry and even more than anything, aid in their healing. After I joined YWAM Denver staff, I was given small groups to disciple along the way through their schools. I learned then that I needed more than just my own personal experience and prayer to help me counsel others. I felt so young and so not ready to counsel others, especially with the really difficult things. I told myself then, that I had to have some sort of lessons on counseling wounded souls. While this has been a dream of mine for years, I have felt it placed on the back burner for a long time now. Ted knew I wanted some form of counseling under my belt to help me and he sought this out for this time in our lives. So fitting for where we are in our life now. I hope this school will really help give me the tools and guidance I feel I need.

Why not go to a college nearby? Why a YWAM school?

I researched that prior to Ted finding this school. If I were to be a counselor in the states, I would need a degree. Where I feel God is leading us and with what my passion/heart is, I do not feel like I need a degree for this particular area. This might not make sense, but with the way my mind works anyways, 3 months of intensive training/lesson is right up my alley.  I think down the road I will likely attend another YWAM counseling school or seminars, but for now, this is enough.

What will we do when we return?

We are going to be in the states until (hopefully) around August 2014. Our plan is to head out for Thailand next fall.  This school is preparation for Thailand. We will be having a baby early March! SO EXCITING!

Why are we selling everything we own (besides memorabilia)?

We are preparing for Thailand, helping ourselves make money for Amsterdam because we need like $10,000 and also, we are just so ready to get rid of everything. Ready for a more simple life without the stuff.

Are you crazy?! 


I think this blog post about sums it up. If you feel like you’d want to help us get to Amsterdam, please check out the website Ted made for us?  TheDavisJourney.com We will be posting a video soon. There is information on donating to this there!

Thank you for stopping by!

Jami and fam

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