Pre-wedding festivities

My dear friend Chey was married last Saturday. I think I am having wedding planning and decorating and party prepping withdrawals. (Thankfully my sister gets married in like 20 days, so that helps! ;)) Anyways, I wanted to share for the books, a few fun pre-wedding festivities we did!20130711-144454.jpgWhile some voiced this as silly, this was truly one of Chey’s bucket list dreams. To be a mermaid. It was SUPER fun and quite a workout! haha Here are some fun photos from that day; Bachelorette Party Part 1
20130711-144128.jpg20130711-143940.jpg20130711-143715.jpg20130711-143702.jpgBeing mermaids for two hours built up quite the appetite, we so headed to one of Chey’s favourite (and authentic) Texas BBQ places in Colorado; RUDYS.

It. was. incredible. 20130711-144144.jpgAnd the best part was asking Chey to go to my car so we could set up her surprise birthday party! We couldn’t find a candle hence the receipt ;) 20130711-144159.jpg
20130711-143817.jpgI stumbled upon this super cool nail salon for Chey’s wedding nails.

It was b e a u t i f u l.

20130711-143854.jpgVintage inspired shop.

20130711-143919.jpgChey and her momma.

20130711-143830.jpgNow onto Bachelorette Party Part 2…
20130711-143629.jpgWe went to a fun place called The Retro Room that is known for it’s infused drinks. They had everything imaginable. I believe Chey is pictured here with their spicy pickle drink.20130711-143736.jpgThis is my fav photo of the night. One gal carrying luggage, another in a wheel chair, another pushing a stroller and another nursing a baby. Amazing. People commented as we passed, “What the heck was that?!” HAHA20130711-143751.jpgTwo of my favourites. Chey and Brittany. I am so blessed to called them friends sisters!

Bachelorette Party Part 3…

This one we don’t have many photos of but it was a blast. We went back to a beautiful hotel (a bridesmaid was staying in) in downtown Denver with a rooftop pool! Our hope was to watch the fireworks from the top – which we did see some from afar! It was super fun. Afterwards we went back to the room with just the bridesmaids and a few close friends and painted our nails for the wedding and ate a bunch of junk food.

That last week before they were married was a whirlwind of a week! In between all of the fun parties we also did what she called a “Bridesmaid’s Scramble” to knock out last minute things. And then the rehearsal and dinner at their ceremony location in the mountains. Here are two photos I snapped while up there:



WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEEK. I can’t wait to share photos of their big day!

One thought on “Pre-wedding festivities

  1. Hannah says:

    Thank you for posting these. It’s so cool to experience a bit of Chey’s wedding through your eyes. {Chey if you see this- I’m so incredibly happy for you! xo}


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