Oh la la – a lingerie shower


I recently threw my bestie Chey a lingerie shower – my first ever. I was actually pretty nervous about this party – haha. If you know me at all, you know this sorta thing isn’t my specialty because I get suuuuper awkward when it comes to … eh, this stuff. Anyways, I was please that it went pretty well! I knew I wanted to be sure to keep it clean and classy while making the bride-to-be blush a little (but not too much)20130711-133802.jpg

Lingerie wreath with pieces mrs Lee to be got to take home20130711-134021.jpg

(please excuse the horrible lighting in these photos – we decided to do the party mostly by candlelight which was fun!)

As guests entered they could sign this canvas bag for Chey if they hadn’t already at her wedding shower.

“Oh la la” banner, candles, white milk glass, mason jars with washi tape, streamers, glitter galore… 20130711-133626.jpg

Drinks for the night.


Drink bar.

Washi tape markers.20130711-133933.jpg20130711-133646.jpg20130711-133618.jpg

Lingerie cookies + dark chocolate covered strawberries.20130711-134137.jpg

One of the games we played was one that began 6 years ago – at my lingerie shower! My friend Chey and I were roommates at the time and watch A LOT of Project Runway together. She made up this game where you team up with another and grab a baggie and supplies and make a piece of lingerie … and then try to “sell” it to the bride-to-be. This was SO much fun doing this for her shower, so many years later! (And I guess this game is REALLY popular now among our friends and YWAM! HAHA – way to go Chey! Pictured above: 5 different styles and materials.20130711-134034.jpg

I then hid them in these bags for the teams to choose.

“Mood” and a “Team up and make it work” signs  – just for fun.20130711-133735.jpg

Each team took probably 20-30 minutes to come up with an idea, a story and a piece of lingerie to either model or show. It was soooo much fun! They came up with great ideas. 20130711-133745.jpg

20130711-133712.jpgWe also played a game called pass the Teddy which was HILARIOUS because we sort of misunderstood what was required of us. It almost got scandalous ;) Basically a teddy bear is hidden beneath many layers of tissue paper. But no one knows how many layers or what is underneath – exactly. You play the game hot potato style – with music of your choice and then when it stops on you, you unwrap a layer. Whoever ends up with the “teddy” at the end has to “model” it. So as you can imagine, we were basically throwing the thing around. Haha! The bride-to-be ended up with it and it was hilarious.


We also played a game where she had to guess who gave her what Lingerie and she earned a prize. She guessed almost all of them correctly so she was allowed to keep them all ;)

It was such a fun evening! 1003110_10151501179196989_903611648_n

And currently my dear, lifelong friend, Chey, is on her honeymoon in Cancun! So surreal that she’s married.

She’s CHEY LEE now!

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