oh these boys…


silly little spirits20130529-070414.jpg

occasionally sweet with each other, mostly rough and all boyish. lots and lots of wrestling and running and screaming and sword fighting and pirate playin’…

20130529-070542.jpgyou’d think the eldest beautiful boy, with model-like hair (seriously SO JEALOUS), would be the ring leader. the mastermind. while, sometimes that’s true… most cases, his little brother is the mastermind. the one who pushes the limits. Chaseyboy, though he can be mischievous at times, he is mostly a follow the rules kinda kid. he does argue an awful lot and want everything to be explained well ;) but he isn’t typically the rule breaker of the two.


yes indeed, this squishy little Shai is the most mischievous one. what he lacks in size (he’s pretty small for his age) he makes up for in dramatics and bravery.  he is truly MAJOR drama and fearless.20130529-070434.jpg


they are both joys and sunshines – they’ll brighten your spirit in a heartbeat!20130529-070455.jpg

also, models. I’m super bias but SERIOUSLY they are beautiful! ;)


and finally, my fave of the little mini iPhone photoshoot we did (while waiting for daddy after church last Sunday)


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