365 Grateful – March recap.

Playing a little catch up!tumblr_mjkw78Lc8p1s8r54eo1_500For my Love, making us an amazing dinner because I didn’t feel well (rare headache).

72606_10151370875371989_553111885_nFor figuring out a new way to store our juicing gear and fruit! (Thanks IKEA!)tumblr_mjor9wBkD91s8r54eo1_5003.5 years of cosleeping. Not a lot of room in bed. Sometimes an awful lot of nursing, but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything personally. Each momma’s is unique but I’ve gotta say for me personally, I adore this.

tumblr_mjm9y1fdhw1s8r54eo1_500For downtime to read, write and catch up on Hulu (when all 3 kiddos napped at once!)tumblr_mjmfkqLX5R1s8r54eo1_500The day my barely-eating boy, asked me for salad!! He’s grown so much in the past few months (not just physically but in many ways!)

tumblr_mjoa7hpXO21s8r54eo1_500For a friend who loves and cares for my children so deeply. They adore her!

tumblr_mjomi40Ch41s8r54eo1_500For new ideas that help my momma-life be a little less crazy :) Basket from Target to gather the kids toys that end up in the living room each day.
600196_10151375805331989_1773432497_nFor a surprise birthday party that blessed me to tears! My friends area amazing!tumblr_mjthhv15TS1s8r54eo1_500For an AMAZING surprise birthday weekend away (well, downtown Denver) with my Love!


Reuniting with these boys! (My first weekend  really away from both of them – besides Chase and my time of bed rest in the hospital) tumblr_mjq0h689fm1s8r54eo1_500

For finally being brave enough to get this boy a “big boy” haircut and even better… a great experience that he loved!


For these moments: He says, “Momma mil” and brings me his boopy. Here he was 16-months which is 8 months longer than I had nursed Chase (because I was pregnant.) so this was new for me, it’s pretty cute to see how he told me he was hungry.


For a trip to the mountains to find Chey and Anthony’s ceremony site (we found a BEAUTIFUL spot!)


Sweet moments like this, watching as my baby boy turns into a little gentlemen. Here he was picking out bright flowers for Auntie Chey because she was sick. All on his own!


For a rare Saturday morning that Ted had off.  PBS cartoons + reading. Ted reading on his kindle besides me as I read Abba’s Child.


For learning to find healing in my every day moments (this is often my place to cry/heal/pray/vent/etc)


For Ted who makes our boy’s lives so much more fun. Here he had made Chase a tent to nap in.


For these sweet moments.


For fun new memouries made. Chase’s first ever snow angel.

tumblr_mkfnwwyu481s8r54eo1_500For photos like this to show him when he’s older. PB&J pillow!tumblr_mkc6qxknUd1s8r54eo1_500

For finally making it a priority to get hubby’s tooth fixed (4 1/2 years later!)

tumblr_mkaj235sma1s8r54eo1_500For a spontaneous date with my boys – where we unintentionally matched! Haha.

tumblr_mkcd1mkOAR1s8r54eo1_500For my tender-hearted sweetie. tumblr_mkcadaaOUr1s8r54eo1_500

For PURGING to help lead us towards our dreams. We got rid of SO much!!


That this is my life.


For a new day, with new mercies.


For fun memouries with my family. (A family first)

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