Mrs. Lee to be – Wedding Shower

Some of our dearest friends are getting married this summer!! I was so touched and moved to tears when my sweet friend Chey asked me to be her Matron of Honor (which we both agree sounds too matronly so we’re sticking with Maid of Honor ;)) What an exciting time! I loooove deciding themes and planning parties and deciding on a colour scheme, decor and food, etc and last weekend we had Chey’s first shower! I thought I’d share the fun details of the party – just for fun, maybe to help spark some ideas for you …and again, to kinda get my name out there if anyone locally would like to hire me for a party or for wedding decor, etc. (Wink – but seriously…)

The invites were pretty simple as I knew there would be a lot going out. I painted the A and C stamps with a cream paint and used washi tape for a simple touch on the front. I also used the washi tape as simple decor on recycled glass jars – which you’ll see later.

I chose a few fun fonts and created the invite in Photoshop and then printed them onto a textured teal paper. The theme of the shower was Mrs. Lee to be with travel and vintage touches strung throughout my house.


A few fun touches greeted the guests as they walked up.


I wanted to do some sort of guestbook of encouragement. I first thought letters from her friends but the day before the party I spotted this canvas bag at Hobby Lobby and thought we could have a similar feel on a canvas bag that she could use the weekend or perhaps on her honeymoon! I put a purple fabric marker beside the bag and friends wrote encouraging words to her. I will also use it at her Lingerie Shower for guests who were unable to attend the Wedding Shower.


(Above left: the only photo I got that show the awesome trunks! Right: the final decor)

Chey and Anthony are having a travel themed ceremony and she gave me free reign in helping her decorate for her wedding which is a dream! I spotted these amazing old trunks (with old school maps on them!) at a thrift store. A perk: only $25 for both!


Beverage station. Simply washi tape on a recycled jar – to holding straws I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $5 (for 144! A great deal, way better than 25 at Hobby Lobby for $4!) I also made chalkboard wine bottles – which Chey requested as decor for her ceremony! It’s super fun that many of the pieces we’re creating will work at her showers as well as her big day! The frame I already had (I had painted blue for our bed room). It has a small wire I attached to the back and mini clothes pins to hold the photo of the lovely couple!


Above: my favourite pinterest inspired piece EVER.

20130525-070000.jpgAn embroidery hoop photo chandelier where I displayed photos from their engagement shoot.


The gift area.




Lots of yummy treats (um, and a lifesaver –  personally, I have found baking on the day of a party is NOT good for my nerves, so I opted out with pastries from a Sprouts Grocery! It was such a sigh of relief – even if a little more costly!)20130525-065918.jpg


I asked Chey and Anthony a list of the same questions and then wrote down one of their answers with a game of He Said, She Said -with props my mom and I made! Guests held up their guesses and Chey held up lips or a mustache to show who said it! Super fun.


The funniest game by far was having her guests “help” write her vows – mad lib style! The room broke in to many teams of 2 and worked together (without reading the entire letter) and then they shared the vows at the end. Chey chose which was her favourite. This game had everyone laughing!20130525-065833.jpg

The winners received a chocolate bar of their choice. I chose this particular brand because it looks like a letter which was a fun addition to the theme.


I didn’t get a very good photo of the whole group, but here is one of everyone writing their mad lib vows.


The beautiful Mrs. Lee to be and Chaseyboy (who popped in at the tail end of the party.) Chey came dressed adorably and very bride-to-be like. She even unintentionally matched the decor! :)

What a fun time celebrating my dear, sweet friend Chey! She has been there through so much in my family’s life and is always there to help us in any way she can!  It was truly an JOY to finally do something special for her and throw a party celebrating them!


I know Chey would say that her favourite gift of the weekend was having her momma fly in for her Wedding Shower (shown above)!

Speaking of moms… I couldn’t have thrown this party without the help of my WONDERFUL Madre!! She helped me so much with the cleaning and food prep! Such a blessing.

Thanks for popping by. Can’t wait to share more of my beautiful friend’s big day!!


And then my sister’s wedding in August!!

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