(Ted – covered in dirt and grim from working on our garden, holding a vegan peanut butter, oreos and banana pie that was AMAZING!(recipe from a friend))

My awesome babe turned 28 the same weekend as Mother’s Day. I don’t know if I even have the words to fully convey my feelings and my heart in regards to this man.

He is so many things all wrapped up in one:

He’s passionate.

If something is on this man’s heart, he’s unstoppable. Sometimes this changes from month to month, but for the most part he is passionate about justice, mercy, grace, identity in Christ, what is truly means to be The Kingdom… as well as things like photography, capturing people’s stories: the beautiful and the awful.

I’ll file “energetic” under passionate as well. Although, it does help that he no longer drinks 6 shot Americanos ;)

He’s inquisitive.

He loves learning and to be informed. I mean, this man is constantly learning and researching, listening to podcasts, reading, listening to NPR, and BBC news, etc. He amazes me with how much he is able to take in and remember.

I think what astounds me even more is his heart behind his research and also his willingness to research even the most difficult, controversial subjects that most often Christians just bash or share their opinions ignorantly. He has challenged me OH SO MUCH, in such a beautiful way.

He’s determined.

I can only think of one time where I thought Ted was giving up on dreams. One, out of many times that he’s faced trials, major difficulties, set backs and momentary “failures”. He is truly the most determined man I know. I think his sons are taking after him in this area and if they use it as their daddy has, I have no problem with this sort of determination! What a man!

He’s visionary, a dreamer.

He is a dreamer to the max. I am more practical but also a dreamer as well. I think this is why we are truly pursuing our dreams with the belief that even though some days it doesn’t feel like it, we’re on our way.

His heart for our family, for people, for our lives, etc… it’s INCREDIBLE and I truly pray he never ever loses that part of who he is.

He’s grounded/rooted.

And I don’t mean like at his Bank job or in a home or a place… in fact, quite the opposite in those areas (I mean, come on, if you know Ted, a bank job? REALLY? He’s amazing at it, but seriously, not his dream job! Beats, Walmart though! Ya do what you’ve gotta do!)… what I am talking about is in his beliefs, his goals, his dreams and most importantly in who he is. Many times, I have seen people give him flack for this or that or even his job(s) and he stands so firm in belief that there will be more ahead for us. He stands so firm in who he is that a lot of the time, he often doesn’t feel the need to defend himself even when others are wrong or cruel to him. He teaches me so much in this area.

He’s a DEEP and an “outside the box” thinker.

I feel these two go hand-in-hand for him. I know I am obviously bias, but I think many that really know Ted would agree… he is one of the deepest people I know.  He’s often misunderstood and even comes across offensive. Why? Because he often challenges our Christian views and judgments that we so often spout out without truly thinking or even knowing what we’re talking about (me too). He challenges me to research and to learn the heart of God and what it means to be The Kingdom and to have mercy. To be accepting and loving as Jesus was. He rubs even our Christian peers the wrong way, but if you take a moment to listen you’d be oh so challenged and deeply reminded of the love of God. If you can just get past the initial sudden defensiveness you feel ;)


He’s a “people person”.

He wants to get to know you and your story and what makes you who you are. Where you’ve been and where you want to go. Also, he’ll most likely ask to take your portrait … kidding, sort of.

He’s hilarious.

6 years later and I’m still laughing til I cry. seriously. He’s so shocking too, bahaha

And together we are the biggest pair of Nerds.

He’s SO much more…

486690_10151457083626989_1995457267_n…a fun and playful and loving daddy. They ADORE him!


An incredible husband – not in the gives me back scratches and brings me flowers and gifts sort of way but in the deep stuff – like how well he loves, encourages and affirms, challenges me in my weakness and how he TRULY loves me as Christ did the church.

Ted, I am one BEYOND blessed woman.

And I just HAVE to share because it’s hilarious…


Ted’s actual birth day (the 10th) the boys and I popped by Ted’s work (he worked ALL day) because I was afraid they wouldn’t celebrate him… HA, I was wrong! LOVE it. Made me laugh so hard.

Happy birthday, my love!!

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