Our First Garden.

Mother’s Day weekend we put together our first garden!! My parents are avid gardeners and have been for years. They’ve always had raised garden beds and the square foot method. As a surprise for Ted’s birthday – we built him a garden! He learned about it a little bit beforehand and joined us, of course :)  We spent the weekend weeding, mowing, weed whacking, digging, building, lifting bags of dirt, manure and peat moss up high to our garden, (sweating and burning) and planting, etc. It was SO fun! We made it a sort of family event and my mom, dad and sister came down to join us. My dad is AMAZING and knew exactly what to do. My mom is phenomenal too and she helped me with the weeding and everything else in between – even cleaning our kitchen and making meals here and there. Needless to say, we were super blessed that weekend. Here are some photos of the fun and progress.


Last year the awkward space behind us became a jungle of weeds, wildlife and wasp nest…. so this is already MUCH better!20130515-134419.jpgThis area had all weeds with a patch of grass in the back towards the fence.
20130515-134818.jpgChase already LOVES watering the garden which is super fun.20130515-073942.jpgI’m still a tomboy at heart. Love being in the dirt.
20130515-073835.jpgThankfully our garden is up high where it takes Shailo a bit of walking to get to (unless we help him up), so that’s good! Otherwise he’d be eating unripe tomatoes and strawberries for sure ;)215268_10151459655026989_1689529281_nMy boys thrive outdoors. Less fighting, more playing which is awesome :) Chase does get hives, so that part kinda sucks, but we’re figuring out ways to help him, because there is just no stopping him… I mean, the kid LOVES the outdoors! And Shailo burns so I just lather him in sunscreen. Do what ya gotta do!
525289_10151459660016989_1084389686_nAbove: This was another “You know you’re a momma to a boy when…” moments to add to the books for sure. I chased around a baby snake until I caught him and showed him to my boys. HA! They loved him and I am SO thankful he wasn’t any bigger. I’m not afraid of snakes, but catching them is another story :) Spiders? FORGETABOUTIT.553850_10151465891956989_78875576_n

This is our every morning now. LOVE. Here he offered all on his own to water it because I wasn’t feel well. PRECIOUS boy! When he waters we usually just put the mist setting on so he doesn’t drown the baby plants haha941230_10151459658351989_999784672_nFirst worm experience: Positive. Even better was that he didn’t try to eat the thing!972139_10151463184406989_610601511_n

Jammies + rain boots. Adore these two!20130524-165928.jpg

Mondays are our family day and we made a trip into the mountains. While at a river, we chose a bunch of river rocks to make markers like the ones I made below for mi Madre. I am working on those currently and then I’ll post an update as the garden grows!933883_10151438262291989_2039374928_n

(made these for my mom’s garden – Just sharpie and rocks. we did spray them with a clear coat afterwards too)


I am not working on getting a space ready to plant the seedlings I have growing in a little green house. This will be for our cantaloupe, watermelon and pumpkins!! This is 1/3 of the way there but I hope to have it finished this weekend!

I can’t wait to see our garden grow. It’s already begun and it’s been fun to watch. What an experience and a joy this has already been for us all!

Do you garden? Have any tips or words of wisdom?

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