Beloved “Klo Klo”

kloeSummer 2010 a tiny little Morkie (Yorkie + Maltese) with cute, pointy little ears, entered our family. At the time, we were living with my grandparents. It was the same summer I was bedridden in my pregnancy with Eisley. My grandma named her Kloe and soon she was being called “Klo Klo” by 12-month-old Chaseyboy. She quickly became his best buddy, in fact during our 2 year stay in Fort Collins, she was his only friend. In fall 2010 my grandparents bought an even smaller Morkie named Ginger or “Gin Gin” according to Chase. The two pups brought so much joy and excitement to our lives, especially Chase’s! When we moved from my grandparents’s home into our own March of 2011, Chase was pretty dissapointed. He would wander the house calling out for “Klo Klo”, we even got him a stuffed animal puppy which he slept with for a while. We visited them often and each time since, Kloe and Chase run around the house, playing and wearing each other out.

KloeCollage_2Above: Chase’s first time meeting her and a two of him playing outside with her that fall 2010.KloeCollage_3KloeCollage_1April 16th we received a surprising call from my Grandma, telling us that Kloe had died. I have never in my life felt so emotional about an animal until that moment. Perhaps it was hearing my grandma cry as she shared or  my grandpa crying in the background or knowing that I had to tell Chaseyboy. It was all so quick too; Kloe had puppies just 3 weeks before. She had collapsed and by the time they took her in, they told my grandparents it was too late. She died of calcium deficiency and often there are no signs for it until it’s too late. They were devestated. Kloe and Ginger go everywhere with my grandparents… and I mean everywhere. Kloe was especially fond of my Grandparents; she was always the first into the car when she knew my Grandma was leaving or she would follow my Grandpa Willard around as though she was his shadow. At ball games, Kloe and Ginger would hop up into my Grandpa’s lap and fall asleep in his arms. Needless to say, she is dearly missed.

20130501-195751.jpg(Above: Chase and one of Kloe’s puppies)

Telling Chase was painful. I knew I needed to tell him because we were heading up to Fort Collins for a family garage sale we do, just one week after she passed away. I shared with him how Kloe had gotten sick and she passed away and went to be with Jesus (I don’t know if that is “correct” or right, but I sure hope she is!) His eyes actually filled with tears and he wiped them away embarrassed. I said, “It’s okay to cry, buddy…” and he responded with, “I’m not crying… water is falling out of my eyes!” I explained that it was tears and it was okay and natural to cry because he felt sad. We’ve had  A LOT of conversations about Kloe and her passing since. He brings it up often and most of the time ends with “Can we just not talk about this anymore?” Which is difficult and sad. I know it is his first real loss he has felt and I know his age also makes this difficult as well. He recently said to me, “Eisley and Klo Klo are with Jesus?” “Yes.” “But I don’t want her to be with Jesus!”  I didn’t really know what to say, but went with what I felt and said, “I don’t either, buddy.”



(Above: Klo Klo’s puppies)

After she passed away, my grandparents scrambled trying to figure out how to save her pups. Thankfully Kloe had given them a good start. My grandparents described that first week of teaching them to bottle feed as though they had 4 infants waking them 2-3 times a night for feedings and waking early again for more. Thankfully they were able to bottle feed and save Kloe’s puppies.


20130502-123117.jpg20130501-205226.jpg20130501-195833.jpg20130501-195751.jpg20130501-195715.jpgJust a little post to document a bit of our journey with Kloe and how she impacted our lives. We sure miss Klo Klo and are so very thankful for the time we had with her. Thankful for her little “friendship” with Chaseyboy and how she helped teach him to be kind and sweet to animals :)

And of course, we are so thankful for her little pups.(This little guy pictured above was my favourite and I was thrilled to hear a friend of ours had bought him! What a perfect fit! I would have kept this little guy if it weren’t for our landlord not allowing pets – barely allowed our fish! And the fact that we’ve got a pretty big move happening in our near future – how’s that for vague and secret ;) More “soon”… )20130515-132101.jpg

My grandma sent me this photo and shared that they are keeping this little guy. A little piece of Kloe. New adventures with Samson and two little boys await :)

One thought on “Beloved “Klo Klo”

  1. teri lynn (@LifeWithKate) says:

    Oh how my heart aches for all of you. Dogs have such a special place in our hearts and can never be forgotten. I truly believe dogs go to heaven and we will see our beloved companions again one day. When Riley passed away Eric said “have fun playing ball with Bobby (his cousin who passed away three weeks earlier.)” That painted such a beautiful picture in my mind and gave me peace within the heartache. I am thinking of you all and I know Kloe is up in heaven playing in open fields and smiling down on all of you! XOXO


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