Chaseyboy: swim & soccer lessons.

This year has already proven to mess with my momma-heart… my firstborn is growing up before my eyes. I mean, there is just no way that he is already the age to play sports and surely he isn’t going to be FOUR this summer?! It’s so true that you feel as though you’ve blinked and they grow up. My heart is both super proud and a bit emo as I post this blog about Chaseyboy and his first real interaction with sports!


Chase has always loved water. However, he HATES even a drop of water on his face. It makes for interesting bath times with a baby brother who loves to splash or when the time comes to wash his hair. With that being said, swim lessons was one we knew would be difficult for him, but also really challenge him. I was so proud of him, facing his fear -aquaphobia isn’t the right word –  what’s the name for a fear of water on your face only? ;)20130501-151240.jpg

He took a while to warm up but with each lesson (2x weekly) I watched him grow more and more comfortable. He even put the water up to his mouth which is a HUGE deal. His teacher was a sweetheart and was willing to work with him through his fear and discomfort. 20130424-203037.jpg

He didn’t actually pass his Tadpoles and does have to redo it, but we are SO proud of him! And also, kind of think it’s hilarious. He’s a quirky one, this boy! And will be doing swim lessons again this summer.


20130501-151332.jpgThe cute blur in the orange shorts is our cutie.


Now, SOCCER… is more this boy’s element than swimming was :)
20130501-151312.jpgYou can imagine how long this lasts… Shailo…sitting and watching, while brother plays and runs around :) We bring a few balls for Shailo to kick around while we wait. 20130501-151350.jpg20130501-151302.jpg

I found myself in a really interesting place as I watched him during his lessons. I don’t really have a competitive bone in my body, so I knew that part wouldn’t bother me when it came to my children and “competing” in sports, etc. However, I never expected this perfectionism to rise up in me when it came to my almost-4-year-old! I found myself, the first swim lesson, telling Chast afterwards that he did good BUT… this and this and this is what he needed to work on. As soon as the words came out of my mouth I felt horrible. So the next swim lesson we started a new thing and that was any time he felt nervous or uncomfortable and I could see that as he’d look up to find my eyes, I’d give him a thumbs up. It’s proven to be an AMAZING little gesture to help encourage him. It makes me tear up even now as I write this. He’s so precious…

A gift that I often take for granted. So very thankful for this quirky, sweet, cautious yet curious boy. He’s a true joy.

I am interested to see what sports/hobbies he will decide is for himself over the years.

We shall see!

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