DIY kid’s art display

I am excited to share  a simple DIY to display your kiddos art, or really, whatever you’d like :) Last week, I had the boys’ art strung on a piece of yarn tied between thumb tacks. It worked, yes, but for some time I’ve wanted to create a better display and when I received gift cards to Hobby Lobby for my birthday, I found the perfect frames and began! It seriously takes no time at all! Stay, especially if you have a little artist on your hands :) (and please excuse the horrible lighting and quality of these photos… I may just be speaking to my photographer hubby who I know will see this ;))


Supplies used:

Frames (you could use a regular and painted one if you’d like) – I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for 40% off of $8 each

Paint – colour of your choice

Paint brushes

Glue gun

Mini clothes pins

Stickers (or a Cricut to cut out your own)


Step 1: paint and let it try

Step 2: Pick a word, quote or saying and place stickers


Step 3: Glue clothes pins  (measure and mark ahead of time – so they are even. Mine aren’t because I didn’t think that through)

Step 4: Print photos and add to frames

Step 5: Hang and hang up kiddos artwork20130329-115059.jpg


The aprons  – one was a gift for Chase and we recently painted it. Shailo’s was $1.19 on sale at Hobby Lobby!

It is fun to display their art in a place for them to admire or show daddy and friends who come by. When we take down the art – I am so that mom who saves everything but recently started using an app called ArtKive which is amazing!

Hope you are inspired

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