On my 16th birthday my family and friends threw me a surprise birthday. 10 years later, it happened again! I arrived at what I thought was a meeting to work on DIY projects for my dear friend, Chey’s, wedding and instead was shocked to find a small group of my friends (and momma and sister) there! Even a friend was “there” from afar via skype!
And oh my word, was I beyond blessed by them. They {each} took time at the part to create me 6×6 canvases for my craft room wall. Each canvas has truth, or a word or who they feel I am. I could cry even now as I think of them.birthday13Best. gift. ever (especially for the craft-lovin’-girl I am ;))photo-1

We also had wine with sorbet and played a little Hearthrob which was a blast. Many laughs. 20130323-184059.jpgEarly the next morning, we dropped the boys off with their Mimi (my mom) for the night and next day. We came home and Ted made me healthy breakfast burritos while I got ready.20130323-194039.jpg

When I saw I got ready, it didn’t end up looking any different than any other day (besides no little hands grabbing at my legs :)) I had {HOPED} with my whole heart – okay, a little dramatic, but really.. I had hoped curlers would work to help curl my hair, as my hair is as straight as a pin since I’ve had kiddos. It didn’t, but at least I tried to be a little fancier for Ted ;)

We ate and then headed out. Where? To downtown Denver, where Ted surprised me with a “getaway”!!20130323-185449.jpg

First, we ventured through the Denver Art Museum. This is one of my favourite photos from the weekend. It felt so good to laugh together like this again.20130323-185434.jpg20130323-184123.jpg20130323-185439.jpg20130323-193046.jpg20130323-184107.jpg20130323-184308.jpgThis man… amazing. The Lord has brought us out of a super dark season the past few years, together. I couldn’t be more thankful for him and our Father for helping guide us (still a work in progress, but really, when isn’t a marriage?)20130323-184235.jpgA shot of Ted shooting the shot you see directly below him :)20130323-185459.jpgAfter the museum we tried Mad Greens for the first time. DELICIOUS! It is basically set up like a Chipotle or Qdoba but with salad choices instead! Definitely recommend if you have one near you.20130323-185454.jpgoh my heart ;)20130323-184143.jpgAfter we ate, we strolled around and grabbed an afternoon coffee before heading to our hotel for check in. I was STUNNED when I saw the hotel. It is the nicest hotel, besides our honeymoon in Cancun, that I’ve ever stayed in. I almost felt like I didn’t belong, honestly, but had to remind myself, this was a blessing and to accept it!
20130323-184219.jpgRight: view from our room, taken by Ted.20130323-184136.jpgA KING sized bed. Which further encourage my desire for a king so co-sleepin’ parents like us can have a little space ;)
20130323-193040.jpgWe dropped our things off at the hotel and headed to 16th Street Denver to explore. We wandered around for a bit, just chattin’ and people watchin’. We decided we wanted to see a movie and visited a theatre that was “high in the sky”.

We ate a mediterranean style pizza at The Mellow Mushroom. The place was PACKED because it was St. Patty’s eve and holy. moly. Thankfully the waitress placed us in a (mostly) quiet corner, perhaps because we weren’t wearing green she thought maybe we didn’t want to be in the crowd ;) Ted and I sat and had a phenomenal conversation along with an amazing dinner. I appreciated this weekend especially because it gave us some time for deep, quality conversation which is hard to come by sometimes. We talked of our dreams, goals, where we hope to be, and what the Lord is speaking to each of our hearts currently – which meshed – and I can honestly say that was the first time in a few years that it has happened like this. I felt a part of me be sparked back to life, which might sound dramatic – but true.


20130323-184159.jpgOur goober faces. Ted asked them for the highest room available – without extra charge, and we got a room on the 27th floor! We died laughing as we tried to point to the exact place we were staying. The photo of Ted is right. Mine, not so, “because I’m SO short he couldn’t get the angle right”, hehe.
20130323-184243.jpg After the movie and dinner and before the real St. Patty’s day craziness started, we headed back to our hotel. We watched the movie The Words, went down to the fancy shmancy bar and had a drink to relax. Went back to our room and I even took a bath and went to bed early. What?! ;)20130323-185444.jpgNight view from our room.20130323-184228.jpgThe next morning out of habit, I woke early, well actually I did “sleep in” but that was 7:15am. I woke to find Ted reading as the sun was rising over the Denver skyscrapers. 20130323-184053.jpg

(sugar in the raw was a little inside-flirt we had going on when we were dating. He would give me honey packets randomly, and I would give him sugar in the raw. It’s silly but a sweet memory and it was especially sweet to find packets at our table that morning!)

Ted and I ate breakfast at the hotel and I had a SUPER embarrassing moment. First, in my defense, I slept 8/9 hours straight, which I haven’t done in I have NO IDEA how long. I was a “zombie”, for lack of a better word.  Also, the booths we sat in were super tall – so you really couldn’t see over them at the people next to you. And, it was a super fancy breakfast buffet, but of course, so even more embarrassing ;) Our waitress came and filled our waters and told us we could head up to the buffet. I was first in line and headed back to the table before Ted. I sat down and I waited, and waited, and waited. 15 minutes had passed and I couldn’t believe how long it was taking him. I was about to get up when our waitress came by, looked at me a little oddly and asked to fill my water. I handed my glass to her and thought it was odd that it was empty! I quickly realized I was at the WRONG table. And not only that, but when I stood to find our booth I saw Ted with his food at the table directly beside me. OH MY WORD. The worst part is our waitress didn’t find it one bit funny. Ted thought it was hilarious and I just wanted to crawl under the table.

Some people get too little sleep and can’t function, um, apparently I’m the opposite!


We left the buffet, walked around downtown Denver for a few hours, had lunch, checked out  and then headed to IKEA, a camera store, and my first time ever, World Market where Ted bought me all of these globes ;) I kid.

For a couple who is horrible at scheduling consistent date nights, last weekend was definitely refreshing. It was also our first “getaway” since we’ve had kiddos. We’ve always talked about it, but to actually do it was so incredible!

With that being said, I recommend a getaway night or a few hours to any couple.

Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes everyone! You made 26 seem awfully special! :)

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