i’m on a kick…

 An ogranizing kick, that is.

Now, before you shake your head or grow envious… listen on (and hopefully be inspired!)…

I STINK at it naturally, so I’ve needed a little bit of help on that front. I’ve had two {wonderful} helpers lately… My BEAUTIFUL and seriously amazing mother who last year started Ragamuffin Cleaning and Organizing. Well, she decided to come by my house to do some ‘before and afters’.

That kinda tells you how bad I am at organizing, right? :)

20130313-134524.jpgMy other help has been this amazing book. I want to go through every nook and cranny in our house and get rid of things. ME. The queen of hoarding every little nostalgic thing, the crafter who has a hard time throwing away anything – I mean, most everything has the potential to be created or used in some creation! ;) Yes, this girl… makes wants to get rid of things. The book is that amazing. It helped me get a head start before my madre came down for the weekend. Ted and I started in February and began purging – but when I say purging I really mean piling EVERYthing we wanted to get rid of into a HUGE pile in our office … and our closet. But hey, it was a start.

That quickly came to a halt.

My miracle working momma came down and helped me figure out exactly where to go from there.


She helped bring Ted’s side of the office from chaos to calm.

(note: vintage cameras hung, the final shelf to the right actually fell and busted one of them, Bah!)
20130313-133824.jpgShe helped bring our closet from cluttered to clean.20130313-133900.jpg

She turned my side of the office from a huge burden to a place of freedom.

And then I took off on my own from there and organized my space into what I wanted it to be. I LOVE it and it’s now my favourite place in the house.

We spent all Saturday working on our junk room office and even had time to work on our kitchen! 20130313-133814.jpgI had to share this photo because I know a lot of momma’s who might be able to use some ideas to turn the toddler-dish-madness into something that brings back some sort of sanity. I found these beautiful organizers at Target. 20130313-133927.jpg

One thing that is SO disheartening it throwing away food. UGH, right?! This morning as I unloaded our groceries I had enough. My first thought to help organize our fridge was ducktape. Yes, seriously. HA! I opened our junk drawer to get the tape and a marker and saw a dry erase marker. PERFECTION! I labeled the drawers full, which is our main problem area. And also noticed it works on tupperware! WOOT.

side note: you can buy a 17pc pack of tupperware at IKEA for a whopping $5!20130313-133937.jpg

 Ted has been juicing for a month now and while I love it, let’s be honest, the fruits and veggies rolling all over the counter, not so much. My mom and I stumbled upon this beaut at IKEA last week. How perfect is this!? We about this frame, plus the white top and the mix and matched drawers for $50 total. AMAZING. Defintely recommend! And yes, my boys do get into this, especially on the days they notice us stocking it with fresh fruits and veggies. Chase today wanted to “play Veggie Tales” and grabbed a tomato and cucumber. Shailo, he just puts toys in the baskets. Oh yeah, and eats a bite out of some of them. ;) But for the most part they stay out of the bins.

side note: the bird placemat came in a pack of 4 for $3 – IKEA

I truly hope you are inspired (especially as ‘spring cleaning’ weeks are about to begin)!

That is always my hope whenever you take the time to stop by Colour Her {Hope}!

6 thoughts on “i’m on a kick…

  1. Tasha says:

    So I saw this post back when you posted it but hadn’t had a chance to read it until today. I am soo inspired right now and can’t wait to use my “staycation” in a couple weeks to organize my apartment! You are an inspiration in so many ways :)


    • colourherhope says:

      That’s so cool to hear, Tasha! I’m glad you’ve been inspired! This really means a to me to hear, too. Love ya girly.


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