365 grateful {weeks 5 & 6}

Just playin’ some catchup on my grateful project. What are some things that you are grateful for?

Here are some things I have been thankful for the past few weeks.

For snuggles with my 3.5-year-old. I love his heart and that he’s always been a softie and a cuddle-bug.

61735_10151297013676989_1160481773_nFor a day time “hang out” with our friends in Georgia (via Skype) and an evening with my dear friend, Chey.426510_10151298400466989_295352741_n

For this. I’ve prayed for this for a long time. I now just pray that this is really more than a “kick” and we can stick with eating more clean. Slowly gaining knowledge which has helped a ton. And the best part is my love and I …we’re doing this as a team!


For him and how he makes our life so much more fun and imaginative… my little pirate found a treasure chest at the aquarium and it made his day! This boy. Oh my heart.


For words that help my heart. I am thankful for little reminders like this. And I’m also thankful for my friends who reminded me of truth when I was/am struggling to believe.


He woke us before the sun to tell us of the pirate show he saw with Mimi (and then asked me to take a picture of him and his spyglass :))


Thankful that even if I totally screw it up, they’re love and affection is unconditional. I could learn a lot from them.


For moments like this. Even on an extra fun-filled day (Valentine’s Day) these are my favourite moments.


Thankful for grace, grace, grace and that my trip to the DMV and the post office with boy my boys was so much easier than I had anticipated. 72920_10151314739231989_1881986798_n

Do I even need to say anything? ;) He has the CUTEST Chaseyboy smile. Adore.537079_10151321424966989_980067611_n

For quality time out with my love.

For this. Washing these 2-3 times a day doesn’t upset me but makes my heart so happy and so proud of Ted!

554233_10151325076351989_444067945_n Watching my siblings love on my kiddos and my kiddos love on my siblings. This always makes my heart so full. Can’t wait to someday have nephews and nieces to adore!

Dinner with friends we hadn’t seen in some time. Does our hearts good! Enemy likes to fool us (I’m sure we aren’t the only ones) into believing we’re truly alone. Wrong-o. We’ve got an incredible group of friends here – and all around the world, really!
A great way to end my weekend, looking back on the things I have to be grateful for in the weeks past and looking forward to what’s ahead.
What was your weekend like?

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