bits + pieces: Valentines Day

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day :) Here are bits + pieces from ours…


20130216-191509.jpgChase and I made heart pancakes. I had seen an idea on Pinterest to use some sort of pancake pen but I used a ziplock baggie and snipped on small corner to “draw” the pancakes onto the skillet. SUPER FUN!



Chase + 2 babies + red washable paint (yikes!) + toilet paper rolls = a HUGE mess and a whole ‘lotta fun :) And of course, Shailo had to taste test it. 20130216-204532.jpgpirate, monkey (or ewok) and fishy. bath time after a messy craft time.20130216-191712.jpg

“Oh my gosh, did I just say I love you out loud?” ValentinesDayCollage5

(Ted is going to CRINGE majorly when he sees these photos hehe) I also took our traditional ‘paper hearts’ photoshoot. This year was SO difficult. I couldn’t get my camera on the right settings in time for the boys to sit still so I went with what I could. The photoshoot lasted maybe 3 minutes, haha! Last year we had Ted home and this year was … interesting hehe… it was fun though. I just let them do whatever (when I realized having “control” was making it worse) and snapped what I could :)ValentinesDayCollage1 ValentinesDayCollage2 ValentinesDayCollage6


my babies last year and yesterday

(sorry for the quality and colouring bahaha) I CANNOT believe how fast this little dude has grown over the years. OH MY HEART.



a little gift for mi madre20130216-173750.jpg20130216-174005.jpg

Dinner with my little loves and my momma who came for a “fancy” fish Valentine’s Day dinner. (Ted was asked to photograph Devotchka!)


sweet, simple, pretty from my love.

Hope that you feel loved always.

xx, Jami

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