why winter zoo trips rock.

20130202-071545.jpgzoo trips in the summertime are super fun. also, super hot which means some of the animals are a little less likely to wander around. walk up close. etc. fall and winter are my preferred time to go. the animals become very lively under a winter sun! it’s been so much fun to take my littles to the zoo, when it’s not too cold or too hot but just right.

if shailo could talk, he would say this is his favourite animal at the zoo. Chase calls this komodo dragon “shailo’s friend” because this big guy walks right up to Shai. and fearless shai of course roars at him :)


 we joke and call shailo the reptile whisperer. when he touches the cage they come right up to him. it’s hilarious … and also, weird. ;)20130202-071407.jpg

my mom “Mimi” and Chaseyboy20130202-071419.jpg




just a quick blog to say, i highly recommend fall and winter trips to the zoo. that is, unless you live where there is -30 degree weather!

this is my first time blogging from my phone! i absolutely love how easy the wordpress app makes blogging! i have a little bit to learn because i hit publish before even writing a word :) however, i am sold.

a quick sidenote:

i edited photos with the afterglow app.

i used the collage app called Diptic

i used a watermark app called eztwatermark

i used the wordpress app to blog it all

One thought on “why winter zoo trips rock.

  1. gracekelle says:

    I find that animal poop is more bearable in the cold weather…is it just me? :) I’ve lived in NYC over 10 years and haven’t made it to the zoo to see the penguins. I’ve just been inspired to make the trip out there thanks to you.


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