bits & pieces: holiday

I have random photos from our Holiday and decided to do a bits + pieces post to share some of them. Just a tad late. Enjoy.


A little Christmas’y cheer in the boys’ room.

untitled (2 of 3)-3

We braved the cold weather and traveled downtown Denver to explore with our family and my in-laws. It was SO cold but we had a fun, memorable time. Shailo made us laugh when we rode up and down an elevator… he would get this look of shock and then smile really big like pictured above :) We also took the boys on their first bus ride! Chase LOVED it! Brings it up every once and while, even still. B O Y.untitled (3 of 3)-3

untitled (1 of 3)-2
Ted’s mom and sister came in from Alaska and we took Auntie Nikki to visit the aquarium for the first time. untitled (6 of 20)We drove a TON over the holiday – with relatives visiting from Alaska where they live in igloos and there isn’t much ;) I kid, of course. but seriously, they don’t have many of the places we do, so we ventured out and explored :) I got my very OWN camera lens to go with my very own camera (I already owned the camera- a hand-me-down from Ted)! woot! I no longer need to borrow Ted’s or be without when he is gone and using his cameras and lenses. this photo as well as the next few below, are taken with my 50mm.untitled (7 of 20) untitled (8 of 20) untitled (9 of 20) Chase got a ipad-like thing called a Nabi (pictured above) for Christmas from his Grandma Anisa. He took it with on one of our long days out and it read books to him. SO cool!
untitled (13 of 20) A trip to the aquarium.untitled (1 of 20) Peek-a-boo and “honk honk” untitled (2 of 20) untitled (3 of 20) untitled (4 of 20) untitled (5 of 20) Chase learned to really roll his eyes over the holiday. I am probably the worst mom ever for thinking this is kinda cute – because as of right now does it and says, “I’m just joking, mom!” bits+pieces_christmas5Left: Chase requested we all wear our snow boots out. We did even though people probably thought we were crazy. The snow is the one behind the times, not us ;) Right: my boys and Addi Christmas craftin’ with our friends, Anthem and Seth.bits+pieces_christmas4Above: photos of our trip to Pearl St. in Boulder, Colorado. We just HAD to give Ted’s mom and sister the experience of BOULDER. haha …I personally love it and the boys enjoyed seeing the different street performers.
bits+pieces_christmas3 A trip to IKEA but of course ;) Left: Chase shocking me by saying, “I… K… E… A… IKEA!” Right: An AWESOME display in IKEA that I’d love to copycat someday!bits+pieces_christmas2 Just bits + pieces of our christmas. paradeoflights2
Parade of Lights, downtown Denver. Above taken with my iphone.ParadeofLightsCollageMore Parade of Lights. Taken by Ted with his Canon.

Well, that’s about it for late holiday posts ;)

As you may have noticed, I am redesigning my blog. Still a work in progress, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! what do ya think?

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