365 grateful {week 2 & 3}

58624_10151229202806989_1099400099_nFor one molar down… and 3 more to go. Literally 3 huge molars growing in my baby’s mouth all. at. once. HORRIBLE. Poor bud.

fe9ab14459ba11e29a4b22000a1fb593_7For this. Love, love, love my job.

72201_10151231234151989_1790650716_nFor the gal I do childcare for. She brought me THIS and didn’t even realize I’d had a rough night with Shailo.


Ted’s Aunt recently found our missing Sony video camera. As we watched videos one morning we were both stunned when we found the videos of us cutting the cake at our Pink or Blue party and learning Eisley was a girl. Moved to tears. So incredibly thankful. I didn’t realize we had video of our pregnancy with Eisley.
227666_10151234256306989_1337996178_nFor time with our dear friends before they moved away. 282922_10151236422531989_1319976829_n
Moments like these. Especially after watching the heart wrenching moving The Impossible. Whew. (chase picked out this tattoo for me. The “girl because you’re a girl!”)263329_10151238296446989_2088506797_n
Words can’t express how thankful I am for my mom. She pour into me, deeply cares and prays for me like none other.

4998_10151239925956989_2109898923_nFor sharing a home for 6 days with such precious friends (before they move away to Georgia today)
For friends that are more like sisters. Seriously. I am so blessed to call her friend! SO sad they moved.

For gift cards, for sales and for finding such amazing finds! Now I can print pictures and start Project Life. Jami-style!

For moments like this one where my heart burst and precious memouries come flooding back.
For “treasure hunts” on train tracks.
554286_10151248417026989_7424814_nFor the look in his eyes when he watches his daddy play guitar

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