snow globes & gingerbread trains.

This post, like a few more to come, is a little late in the game as it’s already the 8th of January! This December we made snow globes with our dear friends, the Maxwells and a gingerbread train with Mimi (my mom.) Here are some collages of our creations.SnowGlobesCollage
Chase really loved his! We let him have his in his room. My friend Brittany had a great idea to do a few a year and have this amazing collection over a few years! This is definitely one that’s added to Christmas’y traditions! gingerbreadtrain2

We had a blast going a gingerbread train! Mimi had a wonderful idea to go to our local ice cream and candy shop Scrumptious and pick out the candy we would want. Chase had fun picking out different types of candy, of course! We watched St. Nicholas by Veggie Tales while we worked on our train.gingerbreadtrain3

So much fun! Two new things we enjoyed this past Christmas! Did you and your family add  a new traditions  or do anything new this Christmas?

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