365 grateful {week 1}

This year I decided I am going to really focus on a more thankful heart (i need it) and to document one thing a day that I am grateful for. I already take one photo a day and document a lot of our lives, but this time I wanted more of a focus of things I am thankful for.

I thought this was an original idea to do 365 Grateful. I was wrong ;) I used the hashtag #365Grateful and quickly realized it wasn’t the only one who thought of this. Which is kind of wonderful, if ya think about it!

It has already proven to be a really good challenge for me!


Day 1: For the little reminders that even on the roughest, most terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-day (parenting) days…They are here: blessings and breathing. For that I am beyond thankful, even on the bad days. 399982_10151222827171989_1787098207_n

Day 2: For time to play pirates with them. 249860_10151219810606989_1399339288_n

Day 3: For priceless moments like this one with Grandma Anisa.74366_10151224650856989_2043778841_nDay 4: For this little loud one.


Day 5: For a spontaneous homemade lunch with a dear friend.64903_10151226767956989_1899895055_n

Day 6: For insurance for an idiotic mistake I made yesterday :)

Wanna join me? Phone or camera lens. (I’m using IG) #365Grateful

2 thoughts on “365 grateful {week 1}

  1. uppercumberlandeats says:

    I’m loving your blog!! I’m a mother of two as well and about to run my first race. Keep blogging, I’m listening!!


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