The perks of being married to a photographer and having a love for photography myself: we documents pretty much everything. But on mornings like Christmas morning where I prefer not to be behind a camera, Ted LOVES it, so that is the bonus of a photographer hubby :)

Here is a snitbit of our Christmas eve and morning with the boys. This year was especially fun for a few reasons: 1. Ted’s mom and sister spent Christmas with us for the first time ever. And, 2. Chase was way more involved this year than ever before. Everything Christmas’y he loved. And then there was Shailo who only wants to follow directly in “bru-ber’s” footsteps and also made this year a blast!521786_10151207487226989_575463337_nChristmas eve tradition: open our stockings, change into our newly opened jammies and drive around to see Christmas lights in the city. This year I had desired to make matching flannel jammies for the boys and totally didn’t end up with enough time. I crammed way too much into December, unfortunately. (I have some MAJOR resolutions this year regarding the busyness of life) I was {thrilled} to stumble upon these matching (yes, I’m a sucker for the matchy-matchy) Jake and the Neverland Pirates jammies for the boys! Anything pirates is Chaseyboy’s current obsession which I love, especially because it’s not CARS. ;) And it’s SUPER cute to have my little ones running around saying, “Har har” and (Chase) saying “Hoist the sails, Matey.” Bahaha, sure love these boys.


Christmas eve it snowed! We actually had a White Christmas!

Chase and Shailo, like most little kiddos, LOVED Christmas lights. Chase wants to sing “Jingle Bells” and “Away in the Manger” when he sees lights because we started that last year. So he associates Christmas lights with singing, so cute! Shailo was crackin’ us up this year with his little “WOW!” until our driving around lulled him to sleep.

Christmas mornin’ …ChristmasDay12 (1 of 10)Ted woke us ALL up early, early. He was as excited for Christmas morning as Chaseyboy was. Hehe. We began our Christmas morning with a tradition and that is reading the story of Jesus’ birth, from my personal favourite: Song of the Stars. It is such a beautiful book with stunning illustrations. Makes me tear up every time. (Definitely recommend!) ChristmasDay12 (1 of 3)What a fun year! I loved watching their reactions. Best. ever. (I am kind of “that” momma whose kiddos will either grow up thrifty too, or want everything BRAND NEW haha, I thrifted this little doctors set. And also, wooden blocks for Shai)

Shailo even opened a few family members’ gifts before we knew it! Hehe :)ChristmasDay12 (2 of 3)ChristmasDay12 (3 of 3)Fun morning and then. Ted surprised me with a date out annnnnd to see…. 407773_10151208349481989_1029556456_nLes Mis (which I love, the old and new)!! AMAZING, btw.



Hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

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